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Meeting Date:  September 12, 2000 

Subject/Title:    Reject claim presented by Marie & Eduardo Angeles 

Submitted by:   Karen Diaz, City Clerk

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager


Reject claim presented by Marie and Eduardo Angeles as recommended by the City’s third-party insurance adjuster, Contra Costa County Municipal Risk Management Insurance Authority and the City Attorney.




Mr. & Mrs. Angeles presented the City with a claim for $101.94 on June 28, 2000.  The claimant’s allege that on or about June 10, 2000 a City street sweeper damaged the mirror on their vehicle.   The police report indicates the glass portion of the mirror assembly on the claimant’s vehicles was shattered due to impact by an unknown object.  There is no physical evidence on the vehicle that a City street sweeper was indeed involved, In addition, there were no witnesses to the event.   The claim alleges that marks of a street sweeper were clearly left behind and in front of the vehicle.  These marks were on the street just showing that a street sweeper passed by but there is no indication of impact.  Since the claim is not substantiated, rejection is recommended.   

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