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Meeting Date: August 22, 2000

Subject/Title: Police Station Proposal

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Staff is proposing the following separate but related actions needed to proceed with implementing a new police facility. These include:

Authorize the City Manager to prepare an R.F.P. for police station design services.
Select a Finance Consultant to prepare a financing proposal for the police facility.
Approve the creation of a citizen task force to evaluate and make recommendations to the City Council on design and financial issues.


In 1998 and 1999 the City Council discussed the need for a new police facility in the city. The City acquired a 3.7 acre parcel of land for this use at the southeast corner of the intersection of Walnut Blvd. and Central Blvd.


The results are in from the recent city community survey regarding the construction of a new city police facility. It suggests that a super majority of residents would be willing to support a new police facility, at a cost not to exceed $34.00/100,000 of assessed value. This information is very helpful and allows staff to bring forth some recommendations for ‘next step’ actions on this proposal that might lead to a special election in November 2001.

While we received very preliminary plans from a previous architect that has become outdated, and given the potential cost of a police facility, staff recommends an R.F.P. be prepared that is circulated among several firms that have police facility design experience in order to create a competitive environment.

The methodology to finance a station is also critical. This analysis can lay out for the City Council various options helping to define a potential bond issue size, the level of facility fees required and other revenue options that might be identified to support the police facility.

Finally, as the City saw the successful Proposition 218 vote for park maintenance, a strong citizen based support group separate from city government, is important to ensure success of a proposal. The City could create this as an ad-hoc group of residents who could come together to help support this proposal.

If staff has missed any ideas, please add them to this proposal.

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