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Meeting Date: August 22, 2000

Subject/Title: Delta Community Services/City of Brentwood Partnership

Submitted by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve the partnership and prepare formal implementation activities.


City staff have raised for some time the issue of the financial viability of the critical community social program of the Brentwood Community Center as well as the increasing financial liability the City has been facing with the maintenance of the city owned community center and offices.

For the past several months City and Center staff, City Council Subcommittee and Community Center Board Members have met to develop an operation plan for the future. This has not been easy, but in the proposal, this plan is presented for Council consideration.

Definition of Roles:

Delta Community Services would continue to exist and be managed by a Board of Directors with the Mayor making appointments for up to 50% of the 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status Board. The other 50% would come from Delta Community Services. This Board would serve as the City’s organization for providing community social services. Present examples include: food assistance programs and senior support services. They would also be in charge of community fund raising and because of its status, accept donations for programs.

The City’s role would be to program and expand senior citizen service effort through the Park and Recreation Department. This program would be coordinated with the Community Services Board to ensure that program needs are responsive. The City and the Board of Directors will work to seek funding from the County and other Cities for the operation of programs and maintenance of the building. The City would assume all building facility responsibility including the leasing and rental contracts and maintenance. This would be a part of the Park and Recreation program, although the building’s physical needs would be managed by city facility staff. To undertake this, the City would absorb all current Center staff. This includes:

· One full time Executive Director
· One part time Administrative Assistant – position will be vacant 8/24/00
· One part time Office Assistant – temporary until 12/31/00
· Several Contract Employees
· One part time Senior Activity Coordinator
· Three weekend/evening Center Supervisors – assigned as needed 

These positions would be placed in the Park and Recreation Department with funding approved in the City’s 2000-01 Budget for the Community Center ($50,000). Once staff is integrated into the City, one of its responsibilities would be to work with Delta Community Services to help implement its’ programs at no cost to the Board.

The City would receive all lease rental income for space and pay all building costs such as janitorial services, utilities, insurance and building supplies from the revenue. All funds not used to pay operation expenses will be set aside in a building repair and maintenance fund similar to that which exists on other city buildings. Projected rentals for the period of 7-1-00 to 12-31-00 is $33,165. Projected expenses are $26,900. This leaves a building fund balance of $6,265.

The City Finance Department would take over all financial records for the Center and pay all bills related to programs offered. The Community Services Board will retain its independent financial status and pays its bills directly for activities and programs it sponsors. All present leases would remain in place, but leases will be negotiated with all tenants converting them into the name of the City. Revenues generated for facility rentals will remain with the facility and go to covering costs relating to supporting these rentals. Excess funds would go to the Building Maintenance Fund. 

The City would pledge to continue the focus of the facility as a center for community and non-profit organizations that would serve all of East County. The Delta Community Service Board would develop a usage proposal for use of the multi-purpose room, blue room and other space available and submit that to the City Council for adoption. The City would develop an annual budget for the operation of the Community Center.

The chief liaison for the City would be the Park and Recreation Director. The Chair of the Board of Directors would be the Chief liaison with the City from the Board.

This proposal would be for one year and brought back for review by both the Delta Community Services Board and the City Council. If after the details are worked out for the integration, both parties could agree to develop a longer term agreement.

As an indicator of the City’s commitment to this proposal, it would agree to provide new paint, carpeting, office furniture, computers, fax machine, copiers and telephone linkage to the City system at a cost not to exceed $50,000. Funding to come from the Community Center Building Maintenance and Repair fund.

If the City Council agrees with the proposal, the first steps will be the preparation of job descriptions and to meet with agencies who provide contract funds to explain these changes.

The movement and absorption of the Center’s present executive director will help facilitate a smooth transition to the City. Once approved, a new budget for this will be prepared and submitted to the City Council for adoption.

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