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Meeting Date: August 22, 2000

Subject/Title: Update Report on Canyonwood Traffic

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

The most recent action related to the Canyonwood Traffic issue is two neighborhood meetings held at City Hall to evaluate support for various traffic calming options. The first meeting, on May 17, 2000 was held with approximately 12 residents, most from Canyonwood, and a few from north of the Creek. The result of that meeting was a request for curb narrowing combined with a traffic table-type Trail crossing at Summerwood Drive and the Deer Creek Trail, combined with a chicane on Canyonwood. Staff tried to talk the Canyonwood residents out of the chicane without success. Staff then informed the residents that no recommendation would go to the Council for a chicane unless all adjacent residents gave their written consent. Staff waited for that consent, but it never came. Staff then received a fax from Mr. Madsen that the measures agreed upon by the neighborhood committee were rejected and demanding the easterly extension of Ironwood Drive to Minnesota Avenue.

Staff had spent considerable time with the residents at the neighborhood meeting discussing what staff had done in an attempt to secure the Ironwood Drive extension. Those efforts included:
1. Preliminary design exhibits on Ironwood Drive
2. Preliminary cost estimates
3. Discussion with Flood Control on the use of their right of way for a road extension
4. Discussions with Brentwood Union School District (BUSD) to secure their support for the road extension – this was unsuccessful!
5. Appeal of the BUSD denial to the State – this was also rejected!

At this point it appeared to staff that the Ironwood Drive extension was not a viable option, due to 4 factors:
1. School District opposition
2. Environmental restrictions in covering the Creek
3. Adjacent property owners’ opposition to the Ironwood Drive extension
4. Cost

The most recent traffic counts available to staff showed traffic volumes on Canyonwood Drive right at 1,500 vehicles per day. This is the threshold in the Traffic Management Guidelines that indicates a traffic volume problem for a local residential street. This traffic count warrants traffic calming measures as adopted by Council in the Traffic Calming Management Guidelines.

An additional neighborhood meeting was held on August 9, 2000 with a committee of concerned neighborhood residents: one from Canyonwood, one from north of the Creek and one from Allbrook Drive. The consensus of this meeting was similar to the last neighborhood meeting, except 3 locations were identified for curb narrowing. Staff is currently under design for the Deer Creek crossing. Once this traffic calming measure is approved by Council and constructed, it is staff’s intent to move forward with similar measures at both ends of Canyonwood Drive.

It is staff’s opinion, as well as the consultant hired to assist in reducing traffic volumes, that the combination of these measures with the new route to Walnut/Vasco and the gradual addition of the commercial properties west of this neighborhood will reduce the traffic volume below the 1,500 vehicle per day threshold.

The staff reports from June 22nd and August 13th of 1999 are attached for additional Council background. All of the items listed in the August 13th staff report have been accomplished with the exception of the narrowing of Summerwood Drive for the Trail crossing (which is being designed now) and the easterly extension of Ironwood, which was discussed earlier in this report.

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