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Meeting Date:  August 22, 2000 

Subject/Title:    Time Extension of the Jeffry Development Agreement                          

Submitted by:   Howard Sword, Economic Development Manager                                   

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager


Extend the time requirement in Section 2.8 of the Jeffry Development Agreement to the date certain of March 1, 2001. 


Kaufman and Broad and the City of Brentwood entered into a Development Agreement dated May 25, 1999 that detailed the provisions of the collection and disposition of $588,000 in PEC Mitigation fees. The Gerald J. Jeffry D.D.S. Inc. Profit Sharing Plan and the Gerald Jeffry Family Limited Partnership (Jeffry) and the City of Brentwood entered into a Development Agreement dated March 14, 2000 that implemented Option D of the Kaufman and Broad / City Development Agreement. 


A provision in both Development Agreements states that it the recipient’s (Jeffry’s) obligation to obtain a building permit within 30 days of the City’s acceptance of street and related public improvements for the street frontage on Walnut Boulevard and Continente Avenue. The acceptance of these improvements is expected in late September 2000. 

The Jeffry project has experienced time delays in the design process due to unexpected issues relating to access from Walnut Avenue. These issues have been resolved and the project was submitted to the Planning Department August 8, 2000 for Design Review. It is extremely unlikely that a building permit can be obtained in the prescribed timeline due to the very busy workload in both the Planning and Building Departments. 

Gerald Jeffry has submitted the attached letter requesting a Development Agreement time extension until February 23, 2001. Staff believes that the spirit of the Development Agreement has been adhered to and recommends that the time requirement be extended to March 1,2001. 


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