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Meeting Date:  July 25, 2000

Subject/Title:    Community Survey

Submitted by:   Jon Elam, City Manager

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager




The City Council at it’s May 23rd meeting directed city staff to develop a community survey on support for a new police facility, a park and trail improvement program and support for an agricultural preservation program.


Staff has been working on developing a survey with Mr. Brad Senden of the Center for Community Opinion over the past several weeks.

It has been a difficult survey to design because of the need to design a set of questions around three very separate and distinct subjects.  The survey is now ready to go forward this week.  While results ought to be tallied in the next couple of weeks, the translation of these results to a prospective ballot measure is more difficult.

While the development of a measure via ordinance is not difficult, the details of what a measure will fund is still not defined and needs further staff work.

For instance, the Agriculture Preservation Working Group has been working for many months now to create a program and a plan.  Once a plan is adopted by the City that would become the basis for a measure to be voted on.  Without a plan or policy it would be difficult to explain the details of what an Agriculture Preservation initiative might do.

Similarly with park and trails, the Park Commission will bring forth to the City Council for approval a Parks and Trail Master Plan.  It will contain a series of policies and priorities that would lend themselves to the development of a specific work plan that could be submitted to the residents for consideration.  That will take though, a good deal of time and education for it to be successful.  All of that, of course, also depends if there is a positive concept and support for the now underway community survey.

The police facility is a bit clearer in terms of creating a vision, but the details of financing have not been worked out and a detailed plan developed.  If the community survey supports this concept, staff would recommend the creation of a citizen-based police station task force.

In summary, the survey is moving forward, but it appears no matter what the results we are still a ways away from developing specific ballot proposals or measures.  A copy of the survey will be handed out at the Council meeting.


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