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Meeting Date:  July 25, 2000

Subject/Title:    Change Order, Middlefield Court Storm Drain

Submitted by:   Engineering, Stevenson

                         Economic Development, Sword

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager


Approve a Change Order for $15,829 to the Reimbursement Agreement with Balch Enterprises for the construction of storm drain facilities for Precision Cabinets in Middlefield Court located in Harvest Business Park.


On December 28, 1999, the City Council authorized the Mayor to execute a Reimbursement Agreement with Balch Enterprises for the installation of storm drain facilities in Middlefield Court at a cost not to exceed $64,875.


 Balch Enterprises, during the design of Precision Cabinets, suggested a storm drainage solution that was superior from a long-term maintenance standpoint than what was required just for Precision Cabinets. This solution provides drainage for three other adjacent parcels totaling 7.37 acres that had significant drainage outfall problems. City Staff agreed that the design solution was in the best interest of the City from both the maintenance standpoint as well as increasing the economic development potential of the adjacent properties.

Two funding sources were identified to pay for the construction of this project. The most preferable was to apply to the Flood Control district for sub-regional fees that they are holding for the City. The alternate method would be to use CDBG funds from the Precision Cabinet project and borrow the remaining amount from the Roadway Development Fee account to be repaid from CDBG funds collected from future projects in Harvest Business Park.

Conditions not reflected in the record documents for Harvest Park Drive resulted in an additional $15,829 in construction costs due to increased depth of the drain, an additional poured in place concrete transition structure and special inspection costs. The funding of this Change Order will utilize the same methods as identified for the original construction work.

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