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Meeting Date: July 11, 2000

Subject/Title: Amendment to Planned Development (PD) 13 to create development standards for the Fahmy Property Subdivision No. 8180.

Submitted by: Oshinsky/Zilm

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance No. approving a Negative Declaration and the amendment to Planned Development No. 13 creating development standards for the Fahmy Property and subdivide 4.25 acres into 14 single family residential lots and a remaining 0.673 acre existing residential site, located east of Guthrie Lane and south of Balfour.


The City Council approved the Gerry Properties annexation in November 1991. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the amendment to Planned Development No. 13 Development Standards to include the development standards for the Fahmy Property, Subdivision No. 8180, totaling 4.25 acres.


The Planning Commission at their May 16, 2000 meeting considered and on a 4 – 1 vote recommended that the City Council amend the existing Planned Development 13 Development Standards creating development standards for the Fahmy Property, Subdivision No. 8180. The original PD Standards allowed for several different types of developments to occur. The types of developments are Large Lot Single Family, Medium Lot Single Family, Small Lot Single Family, Wide-Shallow Single Family, Wide-Shallow Duets, and Duet/Townhouse Residential. All of these types are allowed providing that the development does not exceed the maximum density of 6 du/ac.

The applicant would like to amend the PD standards to include his property in with the existing subareas and use the development standards for the Medium Lot Single Family guidelines for this project. The proposed standards are as follows:

Unity Density: Unit density shall not be greater than 5 du/ac.

Lot Area: Minimum 6,600 square feet.

Lot Width: Minimum 50 feet for interior lots and 55 feet for corner lots. Minimum 35 feet at the street for cul-de-sac lots.

Lot Depth: Minimum 94 feet.

Height: No main building shall exceed the height of two stories or 30 feet.

Rear Yard Setback: Minimum 15 feet.

Front Yard Setback: Minimum 12 feet to the house and minimum 20 to the garage door.

Side Yard Setback: Minimum 5 feet, sum of both yards 12 feet. Corner lots shall have a minimum of 10 feet on the street side.

Garage: Maximum 45% of the lot width.

Parking: Minimum of 1 space per lot on the street plus 2 covered spaces in the garage.

Coverage: Not more than 40% lot coverage.


A. City Council Ordinance No.

B. Initial Study and Negative Declaration for TSM 8180

C. Amended Planned Development No. 13 development standards

D. Minutes from the Planning Commission meeting of May 16, 2000

E. Tentative Subdivision Map No. 8180

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