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Meeting Date: July 11, 2000

Subject/Title: New Fire Station #52 Lease Agreement (CIP Project No. 336-3109)

Submitted by: Engineering: J. Stevenson/T. Wooten
City Attorney: D. Beougher

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager

Approve an agreement with Contra Costa County and East Diablo Fire Protection District (EDFPD) for lease of New Fire Station #52 (CIP No. 336-3109) and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement.

On November 20, 1997 the City Council approved CIFP 94-1 that provided financing for the majority of this facility and described and confirmed the need for it to protect the public safety.

On April 11, 2000 the City Council authorized an increased budget for this project to pay for the Police Department’s portion of the building and to pay for the site acquisition from the Community Facilities account.

On April 18, 2000 the Planning Commission passed PC Resolution 00-25 approving the Conditional Use Permit and the Design Review of the facility and related site improvements.

On May 9, 2000 the City Council passed Resolution No. 2071 approving the agreement for purchase and sale of the property for New Fire Station #52 and approved the reimbursement agreement with Brookfield Homes for the station’s design and construction.

The property and all on-site improvements for New Fire Station #52 will be owned by the City of Brentwood. The Fire District will occupy most of the building with a small portion of the building set aside for the use of the Police Department. The primary provisions contained within the agreement are summarized below.

The lease term is 20 years at $1.00 per year (paid within 30 days of executing this agreement) and provides for two (2) 10-year renewable options with no increase in rent.

East Diablo Fire Protection District (EDFPD) is responsible for providing and maintaining the utility services and janitorial services for the entire building. The City will pay its’ pro-rata share of gas, electric, solid waste collection, sewer and domestic water annually based on the building square footage.

EDFPD is responsible for providing and maintaining exterior landscaping and irrigation water.

EDFPD shall pay all taxes, assessments, fees, insurance and all other levies and assessments on the Tenant’s personal property, equipment, alterations and fixtures.

Building shall have two antennas for communication and television purposes, of which one shall be reserved for use by Owner.

Owner shall make all necessary repairs within thirty (30) days following written notice on the building exterior, such as roof, roof covering and structural repairs to walls.

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