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Meeting Date:           June 27, 2000

Subject/Title:             Petition by Stanwick Street residents concerning the closure of Chestnut Street east of Garin Ranch Parkway or the construction of a sound wall along the south side of Chestnut Street abutting the existing Stanwick Street residents in Garin Ranch.

Submitted by:            Mike Leana, Chief of Planning

Approved by:             Jon Elam, City Manager



The options available to the Council to address the existing resident’s concerns for sound attenuation along Chestnut Street appear to be three fold:

1.            Fund the construction of a sound wall along the south side of Chestnut Street abutting the existing residential lots, which doesn’t seem practical if the adjacent road is to be abandoned.

2.            Advance the time frame for the extension of Oak Street in the City’s 5-year CIP Program.

3.            Do nothing now, and wait for the proposed residential projects on the east side to be developed to extend Oak Street, which could very well be within the next two years.


At the City Council Meeting of May 9, 2000, the City Council directed staff to review the area and report to Council.


The approved subdivision map for the area dates back to March 1992 and followed the approval of the Garin Ranch Specific Plan in December 1991.  In reviewing the policies in the Specific Plan and the conditions of approval for the tentative map, it seems clear that a portion of Chestnut Street east of Garin Ranch Parkway was to be abandoned when Oak Street was extended easterly out to Sellers Avenue.  The portion of Chestnut Street to be abandoned was reflected in the Specific Plan as a linear parkway which was carried over and shown on the City’s 1993 General Plan.

This fact is the only rationale that staff can provide as to why the Planning Commission allowed wooden fences on the lots that abut this existing portion of Chestnut. (E.g. – normally a masonry wall would be required for lots backing up to such a heavily traveled street but if the street was to eventually become a linear park, why go to such an expense?)

In April 1997, when the Birchwood Estates tentative subdivision map was approved, Chestnut Street was reflected as a cul-de-sac at the easterly end of the project site just west of Garin Ranch Parkway.  When this project got “off the ground” fairly quickly, staff had to rethink the immediate design of Chestnut Street since the timing of the Oak Street extension was still “somewhere down the road”, and an easterly access to the Downtown had to be maintained in the interim.  As it stands now, Chestnut Street and Garin Ranch Parkway is planned to ultimately be a 3-way stop, with that portion of Chestnut east of Garin Ranch Parkway over to where the detention basin is, just west of the Chestnut/Sellers intersection, to be abandoned when Oak Street is extended easterly to become the main easterly access into Downtown Brentwood.  This design is still consistent with the intent of the Garin Ranch Specific Plan and the City General Plan.

The Oak Street extension is included in the City’s 5-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and is scheduled for construction in fiscal year 2002/2003.  In addition, two (2) tentative subdivision maps have recently been submitted on the east side of town, north of Chestnut Street, that will share in the cost of this construction.


Garin Ranch Land Use Plan

Map of the Oak Street extension with CIP Budget

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