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Meeting Date:  June 27, 2000

Subject/Title:    Consideration of a Resolution Amending Master Fee Schedule Resolution No. 98-195 Revising the City's Service Fees to include Swimming Pool Fees.

Submitted by:   Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approved by:    Jon Elam, City Manager


Approve this resolution amending Master Fee Schedule Resolution No. 98-195 revising the City's Service Fees to include Swimming Pool Fees.


City Council approved the Master Fee Schedule Resolution No. 98-195 on November 10, 1998, which revised all City fees.


When the City Council approved Resolution No. 98-195, the City was not operating a swimming pool.  As a result, there was no mention of swimming pool fees.  With the opening of the City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex late this summer, the resolution needs to be revised to include specific fees for swimming programs.

During the construction phase of the Aquatic Complex, Parks and Recreation Department staff has been working with the architect and construction management staff in trying to determine what the costs will be to operate the facility.  Costs can be broken down in to three main categories: 1) operational expenses such as utilities, chemicals, supplies, equipment, maintenance staff; 2) direct staffing expenses such as lifeguard, swim instructors, cashiers; and 3) indirect expenses such as overall administration and support staff.

Operational expenses are those expenses that are required to keep the facility in operation regardless of whether the facility is being used.  The water needs to be in chemical balance, heated to the appropriate temperature, and the facility needs to be clean at all times whether people are in the pool or not.  These costs have been estimated based on the anticipated water, chemical, and utility usage and what is anticipated for staff to keep the pool in operation.

Direct staff expenses are those expenses for personnel and supplies, which are needed to operate City sponsored programs such as swimming lessons, recreational swimming, and aquatic classes.  These classes can be calculated and directly charged to the participants based on the anticipated attendance in the specific program.

Indirect expenses are those expenses that are required to cover the administrative costs necessary on a yearly basis to plan, program and support the facility.  These costs are also necessary for supporting the use of the facility by non-City sponsored use such as Liberty Union High School District, Brentwood Dolphins, and other private uses.  These costs can either be charged directly to overall use or considered as a subsidy for use of the pool.

The opening of the Aquatic Complex will bring to Brentwood for the first time, a legitimate multi use aquatic facility.  As a result, it will take three to four years to fully program the facility and determine the level of support for use by the community.  The information that staff has presented is based in many facets around "best guess" assumptions on what we anticipate use of the facility to be.  More exact figures will be available after the summer 2001 program has been completed; at which time we will be able to re-evaluate our original assumptions.

Staff has used the following assumptions in development of the proposed fees:

Ø      Staffing a pool of this size, with hopes of a year round usage, will tax our ability to attract qualified staff.  Over 100 hours of certified training is required before a lifeguard/swim instructor can step on the deck to work.  In comparison to surrounding pool facilities, we have placed our pay scale in the top third of pay rates so that we can attract the best and most qualified and be able to have adequate staff for the pool.

Ø      Swim lesson programs are expected to cover costs of the program, with fees adjusted to represent staffing and participation levels.

Ø      Staff is anticipating our recreation swim season, which is open only weather permitting, as a 75-day season with an average daily attendance of 250/per day.  The season can expand as weather permits, and with a capacity of 500+, we expect the daily attendance to increase.

Ø      Staff has determined there is a big need for lap swimming, however, the difficult part will be making sure we offer the program at times when the majority of swimmers will use the pool (we have had requests from 5:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m.).  We are going to look at offering times as often as possible.

Ø      Once the pool opens, staff will be working on development of a wide range of miscellaneous classes, some of which will be offered directly by the department and others will be on a contractual basis.

Ø      Staff has anticipated use by the Dolphins and Terrapins and has placed their use based on what we understand they are currently paying to use other facilities.  We will be negotiating with each swim club to determine actual use and a fair price

Ø      Staff is recommending the facility be available at no charge to Liberty Union High School District in exchange for use of their facilities.  As the City and LUHSD are currently partnering in the construction of a joint use gym facility, staff recommends we track use costs from LUSHD and receive a like dollar amount of usage of their facilities.

Ø      The City has entered into an agreement with Ellis and Associates, a national leader in water park risk management to train our staff and provide overall facility liability insurance.  One requirement of Ellis and Associates is the mandatory use of lifeguard(s) on deck whose sole responsibility is to lifeguard.  As a result, non-City-sponsored users of the facility will be required to either provide Ellis and Associates trained lifeguard(s) or reimburse the City for use of City trained staff when they are in the pool.

Since the aquatic complex has been under consideration, staff has been working with finance toward a goal of 60% cost recovery.  Staff has used this as the measuring stick in identifying possible fees to propose.  Based on what we have determined, we feel this is feasible once the pool has been in operation for 3 - 4 years and we have been able to develop a wide range of facility uses.

Staff presented first draft swim fees to the Park and Recreation Commission on April 27, 2000.  Based on commission direction, and a meeting with the Council Park Subcommittee, staff brought a final proposal to the Park and Recreation Commission on May 25, 2000.  After considering a range of recreational swimming fees from $2.50 per day to $4.00 per day (see attachments), the Park and Recreation commission is recommending City Council adopt swimming fees as follows:

Swim Lessons            $47 for 3 - 6 year old level classes

            $40 for 7 and older, pre-advanced and advanced classes

            $32 for parent/child classes

Recreational Swimming         $3.00 per entry

            $25 for book of 10 swims

            $50 for book of 25 swims

Lap Swimming            $2 per use

            $20 for 15 uses

Swim Organizations   $5,000 for Dolphins to be negotiated

            $18,000 for Terrapins to be negotiated

If these fees are adopted and use of the pool meets usage estimates, it would reach a 54.33% cost recovery, requiring a 45.67% subsidy.

Staff will continue to look at other programming/use possibilities and will bring back additional fees as necessary.

Attachments:   Resolution

Pool Fee Worksheets

Park and Recreation Commission Minutes

Resolution No. 98-195



WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Brentwood adopted Resolution No. 98-195 revising the City’s service fees on November 19, 1998; and

WHEREAS, at the time of adoption the City of Brentwood did not operate swimming programs or facilities; and

WHEREAS, the City of Brentwood is currently construction the City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex with the anticipated completion date of summer 2000; and

WHEREAS, there is now a need to establish a swimming pool program and uses fees for public and private use;

WHEREAS, the Park and Recreation Commission has recommended approval of fees as attached “Swim Complex Fee Analysis B”; and

WHEREAS, the fees shall be effective as of the date of this approval resolution;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the City Council of the City of Brentwood does hereby amend the City of Brentwood Master Fee Schedule Resolution No. 98-195 Revising the City’s Service Fees to include swimming pool fees;

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the 27th day of June, 2000 by the following vote:

AYES:    Councilmembers



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