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Meeting Date:   June 13, 2000

 Subject/Title:     Approve a Notice to Greystone Homes accepting San Jose School Park for maintenance.                          

 Submitted by:     Barry Margesson

  Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Approve a Notice to Greystone Homes accepting San Jose School Park for maintenance.


Greystone Homes agreed to develop a park adjacent to the Loma Vista school site under the terms of a Reimbursement agreement, dated April 28, 1998.


Greystone Homes, Inc. has completed construction of San Jose School Park.  Construction of the park began in early November, 1999, and was substantially complete by the beginning of May 2000.  The four and one/half acre park contains three playground areas, sidewalks, and two picnic tables. The Parks and Recreation Department required the park opening to coincide with the beginning of the elementary school year. To ensure an opening date of July 25, 2000, Greystone Homes agreed to sod the entire turf area in the park.  By laying sod in the park instead of seeding, San Jose School Park requires a shorter establishment time than the standard 90-day period.

Minor deficiencies in the park construction were identified in the May 15, 2000 walk-through. Punch list items are being repaired by Greystone’s general contractor.  Greystone will also complete the installation of a drinking fountain and a small modification to the irrigation system prior to final acceptance of the park.

After a final walk-through on Monday July 17 and correction of punch list items, the City will release the maintenance period, and final acceptance of San Jose School Park will take place at the July 25th City Council meeting.  

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