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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date:   June 13, 2000

 Subject/Title:     First Street Parking Lot, CIP Project No. 336-3118

 Submitted by:     Engineering: J. Stevenson

 Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Give direction to City staff on downtown parking.

 Option “A”

Direct staff to process the parking lot design for the north corner of First and Chestnut Streets through the Design Review with the Planning Commission, prepare and file a mitigated negative declaration, prepare design documents, advertise for bids to construct the facility and return to Council for award of the construction contract.

 Option “B”

Declare the property as excess property and direct staff to sell the property for commercial development along the First Street frontage, reserving an easement over the rear 70 feet of the property for public parking.  Further, direct staff upon the sale of the property to begin negotiations with the remainder of the business owners on the east side of First Street between Oak and Chestnut Streets to secure easements over the easterly or rear 70 feet of those properties to construct public parking in the rear of all of those lots.

 Option “C”

Direct staff to move forward with Option “A” and commence negotiations with the business owners on the easterly side of First Street to incorporate public parking in the rear 70 feet of those lots, to supplement the parking provided by the Option “A” lot.


On May 9, 2000 the City Council reviewed a proposal from staff that incorporated numerous safety and parking improvements in the downtown area, including this proposed parking lot.  Council directed staff to separate the issues into individual reports and return to Council.


The previous owner of the property at the northeast corner of First and Chestnut Streets offered the property to the City in partial payment for past due assessments on another property they owned in Brentwood.  The City had the property appraised, accepted the offer of the property, and reduced the assessment on the other property by the assessed value.  The house was then removed from the property to make room for a public parking lot.  City staff prepared a preliminary site plan to develop the lot as a public parking lot that would provide a net increase of 15 parking stalls at a construction cost of approximately $70,000.

 During the later stages of staff’s preparation of the parking lot site plan, the first meeting of the Downtown parking Task Force was held.  The Task Force felt that it would be better public policy to turn the lot in question into a commercial site producing tax revenue for the City and to utilize the rear of the commercial lots for public parking.  In exploring this option, staff has had the opportunity to discuss this possibility with one of the neighboring commercial owners and he was very much in favor of that possibility.  Staff has not pursued that option any further pending direction from the Council.

 The cost of the 15 spaces for Option “A” is about $65,000 or $4,333 per space.  Staff is ready to move forward upon Council’s direction.


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