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 Meeting Date: June 13, 2000

 Subject/Title:  Parking of Cars for Sale

 Submitted by:         Jon Elam, City Manager

 Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Direct the City Manager to work with the General Manager of BART to allow use on weekend and holidays of the BART owned lot at Dainty Avenue and Walnut Boulevard for the parking of cars for sale.




Staff has, over the years, received complaints regarding the sale of cars by private individuals on public and private properties that violate the City Municipal Code.  Our Code Enforcement Officer, Dave McGee, has several slides he will show that demonstrate this use.  While staff realizes this is a convenience for people who wish to sell their cars that they often group up and cause problems.

 It has been suggested that a site be identified for use on weekends that would cause a minimal level of traffic disruption.  That site is the BART parking lot located north of Dainty Avenue on the east side of Walnut Boulevard.  I reviewed this idea with Councilmember Gomes, who said BART has agreements with cities and that BART may be interested in entering into a lease for their lot with the City for this use.  I have written the BART General Manager, Thomas Margro, to explore this option.

 Before staff goes too far down this road, staff wants to make sure the City Council concurs with this use idea.  If you do, I would ask your support to develop a use agreement with BART and bring it back to the City Council for consideration.  

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