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Past Agendas


Meeting Date:   June 13, 2000

 Subject/Title:     Installation of stop sign at Oak and Third Streets

 Submitted by:     Engineering: J. Stevenson

 Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Direct staff to design, bid and return to Council for the award of contract for the construction of the improvements necessary to install stop signs at the intersection of Oak Street and Third Street in front of City Hall.


On March 28, 2000, the City Council directed staff to analyze parking and safety measures on Oak Street in addition to the crosswalk for the High School.

 On May 9, 2000, staff brought a recommendation to the City Council regarding Oak Street Safety and Downtown parking.  City Council directed staff to separate the issues of safety and parking and return to Council at a future meeting.


City staff has received numerous complaints from residents regarding vehicular as well as pedestrian safety at the intersection of Oak and Third Streets.

 In accordance with the City’s Traffic Management Guidelines, following a complaint and request for stop signs and a crosswalk from a downtown resident, staff evaluated the problem and found it to fall within the small-scale category.  The problems as outlined in the Brentwood Traffic Management Guidelines that define this as such are as follows: 1) there are parked vehicles, landscaping or other obstacles that block views of traffic at intersections; and 2) there are not adequate gaps in the traffic to allow pedestrian or motorists to cross the street at a particular intersection or location.

 The Guidelines describe a simplified procedure for solving small scale problems which include: 1) contacting City staff; 2) staff verifying that a problem exists; 3) taking corrective action; and 4) monitoring results and feedback.

 Staff conducted speed surveys at the request of Council to evaluate whether speed was also a problem.  The speed limit on Oak Street is posted as 25 mph.  The speed survey on Oak Street eastbound performed on May 17, 2000 revealed an 85th percentile speed of 29.5 mph and an average seed of 26.2 mph.  The westbound survey performed on May 18, 2000 revealed an 85th percentile speed of 27.5 mph and an average speed of 23.5 mph.  The 85th percentile speed is the figure to look at.

 The average daily trips during the week are approximately 6,260, with a peak hour of approximately 670 trips.  Peak hour is 3:00 p.m.  This amounts to a car every 5.4 seconds during the peak hour, so it is easy to see why the local residents feel the need for stop signs and a crosswalk.

 Council requested that staff also review traffic collision reports on Oak Street Downtown to see if the claimed or perceived safety problems were resulting in traffic accidents.  Staff evaluated a 5-year period and that review revealed the following traffic accidents on Oak Street Downtown.  Traffic collision reports revealed that 5 traffic accidents were reported during this period in the area of Oak Street and Third Street (the location of the proposed stop signs).  Of these reported incidents, 3 broadside collisions occurred as the vehicles were attempting to either turn left from Oak Street or cross from Third Street into the City Hall parking lot.  One of the reports showed that a vehicle traveling westbound on Oak Street struck a pedestrian while crossing the street, and the fifth report showed a rear-end collision involving two vehicles that also occurred in the same area in the eastbound direction.

 Extending the traffic accident search to Oak Street throughout all of downtown yielded the following reports for the same 5-year period:

 7 Broadside collisions

6 Single vehicle collisions with an object

5 Rear-end collisions

3 Sideswipe collisions

2 Vehicle/pedestrian accidents

1 Head-on collision

 A total of 24 traffic accidents occurred during this 5-year period on Oak Street downtown.

 Staff’s recommendation for solving this problem is to install a 3-way stop at this intersection.  Curb extensions will be necessary in order to place the stop signs where they will be visible to the driving public.  In addition to curb extensions and stop signs, staff recommends crosswalks to complete the safety improvements at this intersection.

 The cost of these improvements is estimated to be in the $20,000 neighborhood.  If approved by Council, staff will immediately commence design.  The estimated time frame is approximately 2½ to 3 months from Council approval to construction of the improvements.


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