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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date:   June 13, 2000

 Subject/Title:     Oak Street Crosswalk for Liberty High School

 Submitted by:     Engineering: J. Stevenson; Police Department: L. Shaw

 Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Direct staff to construct a raised speed table-type crosswalk across Oak Street including the appropriate signing and striping.


On March 28, 2000, the City Council directed staff to analyze parking and safety measures on Oak Street in addition to the crosswalk for the High School.

 On May 9, 2000, staff brought a recommendation to the City Council regarding Oak Street Safety and Downtown Parking.  City Council directed staff to separate the issues of safety and parking and return the item at a future meeting.


The City has received a request from Liberty Union High School District to construct a crosswalk on Oak Street to try and improve safety for students and faculty that must cross Oak Street to go from the High School to the Administration offices.  City staff met with LUHSD staff on several occasions at the proposed crosswalk location in order to fine-tune the proposal.  The cost of the crosswalk has been reduced to about $5,000 by moving the crossing easterly about 10 feet.  That move eliminated reconstruction of the existing driveway, thereby saving that expense.  This location will necessitate the District moving a portion of their fence several feet easterly and eliminating one parking stall.  The District is also planning to revise traffic flow in the parking lot by restricting all incoming traffic to one driveway and all outbound traffic to the other driveway.

 City staff conducted speed surveys approximately one block east of this proposed crossing location and found that the 85th percentile speed in both directions is above 25 mph.  Speeds are, in all probability, higher at this location than closer to downtown and in more need of control measures.  The average daily trips during the week are approximately 6,260, with a peak hour of approximately 670 trips.  Peak hour is 3:00 p.m.  This amounts to a car every 5.4 seconds during the peak hour, so it is easy to see why the District staff feels the need for traffic safety improvements.

 The final meeting between the City staff and District staff included the Police Chief.  It was the Police Chief’s suggestion to incorporate a speed table into the crosswalk design and the City Engineer concurs.  This speed table/crosswalk, when combined with the proposed 3-way stop at Oak and Third Streets and additional control measures being designed into the proposed subdivisions east of Garin Parkway, should do a good job of controlling downtown Oak Street traffic.

 The attached Exhibits ‘A’ and ‘B’ depict the location, signing and striping of the crosswalk and a cross-section of the speed table.



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