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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas



June 13, 2000 at 7:30 P.M.

City Council Chamber

734 Third Street

Brentwood, CA 94513


Beginning Resolution No. 2087 

Beginning Ordinance No.   636 




Persons addressing the City Council are required to limit their remarks to five (5) minutes unless an extension of time is granted by the Mayor subject to approval of the Council.  Please file your name and address with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium.  Speakers desiring answers to questions should direct it to the Council and, if relevant, the Council may direct it to the appropriate staff member.


All matters listed on the consent calendar are considered routine in nature and will be enacted by one motion.  If discussion is required, that particular item will be removed from the consent calendar and will be considered separately.

1.        Approval of Minutes of May 23, 2000.

2.        Approval of Warrants 50598 – 50947.

3.        Approve a resolution for the acquirement of unclaimed property for deposit into the City’s General Fund.  (L. Shaw) 

4.        Approve a resolution accepting the Final Map for Subdivision 8322, Brentwood Lakes Unit 6.  (J. Stevenson/B. Grewal/B. Bornstein)

 5.      Approve a resolution accepting the Final Map for Subdivision 8222, Signature Properties.  (J. Stevenson/D. Boskovic)

6.      Approve a resolution accepting Final Map for Subdivision 7865, Homecoming Unit 3. (J. Stevenson/B. Bornstein) 

7.       Approve a resolution accepting work performed by State Route 4 Bypass Authority for San Creek Road West Improvements; CIP Project No. 336-3092. (J. Stevenson/B. Grewal/B. Bornstein) 

8.        Approve a resolution rejecting bids for the Storm Line "F" Project; CIP 336-3091.  (J. Stevenson/B. Bornstein)  

9.        Approve a resolution adopting the 2000-01 Prop 4 Appropriation Limit. (P. Ehler) 

10.      Authorize the City Engineer to proceed with the installation of streetlights in the downtown area.  (J. Stevenson)

11.       Approve a resolution declaring the intent to order improvements of Citywide Park Maintenance District No. 98-1 for fiscal year 2000/01, and set July 11, 2000, at 7:30 p.m. as the date for the public hearing. (J. Stevenson) 

12.      Authorize City Attorney to add the City of Brentwood to the friend of the court brief in County of Sonoma, et al v. California Department of Finance, et al. (D. Beougher) 

13.     Approve First Amendment to the Restated Joint Powers Agreement establishing the Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority.  (J. Elam) 

14.      Approve revised Youth Commission Bylaws. (P. Scherff) 

15.      Authorize staff to construct a raised speed table-type crosswalk across Oak Street including the appropriate signing and striping.  (J. Stevenson)

16.     Authorize staff to design, bid and return to Council for the contract award for the construction of the improvements necessary to install stop signs at the intersection of Oak Street and Third Street. (J. Stevenson) 

17.    Second reading of Urgency Ordinance No. 635 amending Title 9 (Public Peace, Morals and Welfare) by adding a new chapter 9.38 relating to restrictions on canned goods or bottled beverages at public events and exhibitions. (D. Beougher) 


Persons addressing the Council are asked to file their name and address with the Mayor on the form provided at the podium.  The Council may adopt reasonable regulations at the onset of the public hearing to facilitate public testimony.  These regulations may include time limits.  In the absence of such regulations, the public hearing shall follow the protocol for Citizen Comments. 

18.  Consideration of an ordinance amending Title 8 of the Brentwood Municipal Code to adding Chapter 8.36 relating to restrictions on tobacco advertising promotion and adopt a resolution to amend the City’s Master Fee Resolution to establish a fee for Tobacco Retailer License. (D. Beougher) 

19.  Consideration of an ordinance adding Chapter 12.30 concerning the regulation of news racks in public right of ways to the Brentwood Municipal Code. (D. Beougher) 


20.  Approve matching Operational Funds from the PEC Fund Account to the proposed Business Improvement District (BID). (H. Sword)

 21.  Authorize City Manager to work with BART to allow use of their lot at Dainty and Walnut on weekends and holidays for the parking of cars for sale.  (J. Elam) 

22.   Approve various resolutions pertaining the November 7, 2000 Consolidated General Municipal Election.  (K. Diaz)   

23.  Consideration of options for downtown parking (First Street Parking Lot; CIP Project No. 336-3118).  (J. Stevenson) 

24.  Approve a resolution adopting the L. B. Hayhurst & Associates, Classification and Compensation Study Final Report. (P. Standley) 

25.  Consideration of request by Harvest Park Bowl for a $3, 000 donation for the Northern California Senior Classic Pro-Am Tournament.  (J. Elam) 

26.    Award construction contract for Well #14, CIP Project No. 562-5615.  (J. Stevenson/P. Eldredge) 

27.    Approve a Notice to Greystone Homes accepting San Jose School Park for Maintenance. (C. Bronzan/B. Margesson) 

28.     Consideration of an Adjourned City Council on June 19, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss Loma Vista Park.  (J. Elam) 

29.     Approve a resolution supporting a one-eighth cent sales tax for Contra Costa County Libraries. (J. Elam) 



Requests for future agenda items 


Conference with Legal Counsel—existing litigation Oregon Investors, et al. v. City of Brentwood.  Government Code Section 54956.9  

Conference with Legal Counsel concerning potential litigation; one case.  Government Code Section 54956.9(b)  



 It is the policy of the City of Brentwood to offer its public programs, services, meetings and employment opportunities in a manner that is readily accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.  This is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (28 CFR. 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II).  If you need assistance to ensure your full participation in any public program, service, meeting or employment opportunity, please contact the City’s Chief Building Official at (925) 516-5406.  Information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. Section 12101 et.seq.) is also available through the Chief Building Official.  Notification 48 hours in advance of any need for assistance will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.

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