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Meeting Date:  May 23, 2000                                  

Subject/Title:     Approve a contract to provide electrical service at City Park

Submitted by:    Barry Margesson

Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Approve a resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract with Beasley Electric to provide and install a new electrical service in City Park


City Manager directed Park and Recreation staff to upgrade electrical service in City Park.


The downtown City Park has been the venue for various civic functions dating back from the Apricot Festival of the 1920’s and 1930’s, through the Carne Q of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The annual Corn Festival, Christmas in the Park, the Holiday Parade and the Summer Concert Series are all community events staged out of City Park.  In the past, temporary electrical power cables and connections were provided to serve the power needs of these events.  Recognizing the need for a system of permanent power sources throughout the park, Staff requested proposals from three electrical contractors for its design and installation.

The Parks and Recreation Department required a basic system consisting of a 400 Amp, 120/208 volt, meter main supplying six-100 Amp pedestals situated at the following locations:

 ·        Soroptomist Square

·        Back of Library, near stage location

·        Maple and Third near the Library parking lot

·        Maple and Second

·        Near the Second St. Bus Stop

·        Near the Christmas tree at Second and Oak

 Each pedestal would contain a 50 Amp receptacle suitable for supplying a portable Power Distribution Center containing six additional receptacles (Power Distribution Centers not provided in this contract). Two duplex 20 Amp receptacles and two 20 Amp twistlock receptacles would also be provided at each pedestal. 

Three electrical contracting companies provided bids for provision and installation of an electrical power system in City Park: 

 EEC Electric     $37,080.00

Beasley Electric            $34,100.00

Linco Electric.              $48,963.00

EEC Electric and Beasley Electric proposed installing a 400 Amp meter main next to the existing meter mains on the north side of the Library building.  Linco Electric proposed installing one 200 Amp meter main at the same location feeding 2 pedestals, and one 200 Amp meter located on the Community Center wall feeding the 4 remaining pedestals. Staff believes that each of these proposed electrical services provide equivalent electrical power for events in the park. 

The lowest responsive bid was from Beasley Electric.  Beasley Electric has extensive experience with the electric utilities at the City Park site.  Beasley Electric will coordinate PG&E design approvals for this project. The goal is to complete the electrical improvements by the end of June, 2000.  Funding for these improvements is provided under ‘City Park Electrical Project’, CIP #522-5216, in the amount of $35,000.00.

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