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Meeting Date: May 9, 2000

Subject/Title: Award Construction Contract for City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex Parking Area (Phase II), CIP Project No. 522-5202, Authorize Staking, and amend the project budget

Submitted by: Engineering/Parks and Recreation: J. Stevenson and C. Bronzan

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Motion to award the construction contract to Grade Tech, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $619,300 and authorize the City Manager or his designee to execute the contract and approve a 10% contingency ($61,930) on said amount; authorize the City Manager or his designee to initiate the staking work for this project by executing the agreement with MacKay & Somps in the amount not to exceed $41,000; and amend the project construction budget of the City of Brentwood Family Aquatic 1999/00 Project Budget (CIP Project #522-5202) to $6,260,430.


On September 28, 1999 the City Council awarded the construction contract to Shoemate Building, Inc. for the Family Aquatic Complex, Phase I work.


The pool project was split into two phases late in the design process and the Phase I portion of the work started last fall. Phase one was awarded to Shoemate Construction in the amount of $4,561,000, with a 10% contingency of $456,100, for a total budget of $5,017,100. Phase two was to be budgeted when the final bids came in.

While work was proceeding on phase one, phase two went through a number of changes. It was originally intended to have two parking lots, one in front of the pool on Griffith Lane and one along Balfour Road. With concerns raised from the surrounding neighborhood regarding the impact of the pool, Skate Park and parking lot, staff met with the neighborhood residents to design the adjacent park, which delayed the final design of phase two.

Through the phase two design, the parking lot along Balfour was moved into the park, but was to be built at a later date as a part of the park development. As a result, the phase two parking lot design was redesigned to include additional parking down Griffith Lane to Balfour. This additional parking will allow the pool to open with additional parking, however it increased the overall scope and cost of phase two.

While phase two was in re-design, it became necessary to move part of the phase two work (site drainage, utility connections, off site work) into phase one so as not to impede the progress of pool construction. As a result, phase one currently has approval of $375,837 in change orders, of which $287,550 was originally intended to be phase two work. Phase one also has $90,274 in change orders under consideration, and it is estimated that an additional $80,000 will be needed to finish the project. This results in a total change order of $546,111 or 12% in phase one.

Additionally, there have been three charges in phase one that have occurred since the start of the project: 1) hiring of Pacific Program Management to oversee management of the project ($145,243); 2) connection fees for Pacific Gas and Electric ($70,000), of which the majority will be refunded in the future; and special inspection fees as a result of the structural steel/masonry work ($100,000). The result is a need to increase the phase one contingency from 10% ($456,100) to 20% ($912,200) which will be sufficient to complete phase one.

Related to the phase two contract, Grade Tech, Inc. was the only bidder for the project. City Engineering staff have reviewed the unit costs in the bid and have found the prices to be competitive. Though there was only one bidder, staff is recommending the phase two project be awarded to Grade Tech, Inc. in the amount of $619,300, with a 10% contingency of $61,930. This contract award will initiate the construction portion of the parking area including grading, paving, striping and parking area lighting.

The final two parts of the project that are necessary to complete the pool complex are parking lot landscaping, which is estimated at $65,000, and building equipment/furnishings, which is estimated at $125,000.

Staff recommends the 1999/00 CIP construction budget for project 522-5202 be amended from $5,617,000 to $6,385,430 as follows:

Phase one bid $4,561,000

Phase one contingency (20%) $ 912,200

Phase two bid $ 619,300

Phase two contingency (10%) $ 61,930

Phase two staking $ 41,000

Landscaping $ 65,000

Building equipment/furnishings $ 125,000

Total budget $6,385,430


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