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Meeting Date: May 9, 2000

Subject/Title: Temporary Use Permit for New Beginnings Christian Center

Submitted by: Mitch Oshinsky, Director of Community Development

Mike Leana, Chief of Planning

Approved by: Jon Elam, City Manager


Consideration of a request from New Beginnings Christian Center to allow plans to processing of plans on their 5-acre site, located at the northeast corner of Jeffery Way and Amber Lane prior to the adoption of the General Plan Update or in the alternative allow the church to move temporary modular buildings onto their site in order to conduct services.




The Church's site is located within the Northwest Annexation area that was annexed into the City in November 1998. Prior to the annexation the County zoning of the site was a-2, which requires five (5) acre minimums and allows a church with a Conditional Use Permit. As a part of the annexation process the City Council prezoned this site as PD-35 for light industrial use. This City zoning became effective at the moment of annexation.

Under the City's zoning regulations churches are permitted with a conditional use permit on a temporary basis, only in existing buildings. We have several such uses currently operating under those situations with Conditional Use Permits. The exiting churches in the Northwest Annexation area are all legal, non-conforming uses. They do not adhere to the City's PD-35 zoning, but they are legal since they were constructed under County regulations.


Under the current General Plan and zoning, the applicants would have to amend the land use and zoning to permit church uses, either prior to or concurrently with their development plans. In the alternative, the request for the General Plan amendment and rezoning could be considered as part of the General Plan Update, which would save the church some money, but won't be official until late fall.

The Council could direct staff to process a Condition Use Permit for modular structures on the site, but unless it feels the industrial/business park designation is not appropriate for this area, we could end up with another permanent legal, nonconforming use.


Letter from New Beginnings Christian Center, dated April 14, 2000

New Beginnings Christian Center history and time line.

Map of site reflecting current land use and zoning

Map of site reflecting "preferred" land use in the General Plan Update

Chapter 17.850 of the Municipal Code

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