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Meeting Date:  April 11, 2000 

Subject/Title:     Dainty Avenue Temporary Closure

Submitted by:    City Manager: J. Elam , Engineering: J. Stevenson/T. Wooten/L. Filson

Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Authorize the City Engineer to temporarily close Dainty Avenue at Marsh Creek.  The closure is scheduled for June 12, through August 25, 2000, to allow re-construction of the bridge in conjunction with the widening of Marsh Creek.

Approve the temporary removal of the stop signs on Central Boulevard at Dainty Avenue.


Approval of Resolution No. 96-194 on 12/10/96 authorizing a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement (JEPA) with the Flood Control District for the Marsh Creek Widening project, CIP Project No. 562-5618.  This agreement included the closure of Dainty Avenue for approximately 3 months.


The Brentwood Municipal Code requires Council action for the closure of public streets. The Council approved the closure of Dainty Avenue for the widening of Marsh Creek and the reconstruction of the bridge with the approval of the JEPA back in 1996.  At this time, staff is requesting approval of the specific dates of the closure.  The beginning of the closure, June 12, 2000, corresponds with the beginning of the summer recess for public schools in Brentwood.  It is estimated that the portion of the work that will require the bridge to be closed will last for 11 weeks.  The road will be reopened on August 25, 2000.

With Dainty Avenue closed just east of its intersection with Central Boulevard, there will be no conflicting traffic movements on Central Boulevard at Dainty Avenue.  Staff request approval of the removal of the stop signs on Central Boulevard at Dainty Avenue for the duration of the closure. If any permanent changes in traffic control at the Dainty/Central intersection become warranted, staff will return to the Council prior to the reopening of the road in August.  See Item No. _____ on this agenda for addition information on this item.


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