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Meeting Date:  April 11, 2000

Subject/Title:     Approval of Park and Recreation Commission recommendation to approve the City of Brentwood Aquatic Complex Neighborhood Park conceptual plan.

Submitted by:    Craig D. Bronzan

Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager

RECOMMENDATION         Approve the recommendation from the Park and Recreation Commission for approval of the City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex Neighborhood Park conceptual plan.

PREVIOUS ACTION   The Council Park and Recreation sub-committee approved a conceptual site plan for the aquatic complex and surrounding park property in 1998.  Phase one, which is currently under construction, is the aquatic complex itself.  Phase two is to design the park property that is adjacent to the park and Brentwood Elementary School.

BACKGROUND  The City of Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex started construction in October 1999.  At the same time, a Skate Park Task force was approved by City Council to move the skate park project forward.  In reviewing available sites for the project, the task force recommended placement adjacent to the Family Aquatic Complex.  The original conceptual plan for the park showed a skate park, however exact placement had never been determined.

With the skate park project moving forward, staff started working with RRM Design, one of our contractual landscape architectural firms, to develop on a master plan for the park.  Since the park will also serve as a buffer area for the pool and skate park, the design should work to support the existing uses and meet the needs of the neighborhood.

Two community meetings were held to solicit input from the neighborhood and community related to the types of use and amenities that should be designed in the park.  The first meeting was held on February 5, 2000 at Brentwood Elementary School.  RRM Design developed two conceptual plans from the input at this meeting.  The second meeting was held on March 11, 2000 in the Council Chambers to review the two conceptual plans.

A final conceptual design and estimated budget was prepared by RRM Design as a result of this meeting.  The new design and budget was presented by RRM Design to the Park and Recreation Commission at their March 30, 2000 meeting.  The commission reviewed the plan and approved it as the preliminary plan for the neighborhood park.

Since the original conceptual plan for the site originated with the Council sub-committee, the Park and Recreation Commission requests their approval be confirmed by the City Council as the conceptual plan for the park as it relates to the aquatic complex, the commercial site, and the skate park.

The Park and Recreation Commission also discussed the estimated budget for the park and have directed staff to work with RRM on a phasing plan through the CIP program for development of the park.

Staff is recommending City Council approve the recommendation from the Park and Recreation Commission for the conceptual plan.  Staff will continue to work through the CIP budget process to phase development of the park with Park and Recreation Commission approval.

RRM Design will be in attendance at the Council meeting to provide a brief overview of the design and to answer questions.

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