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Meeting Date:    April 11, 2000

Subject/Title:     Amend the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program to increase budget for the New Fire Station (CIP No. 336-3109) and add the adjacent roadway improvements (New Fire Station Road, CIP No. 336-3121)

Submitted by:    Engineering: J. Stevenson/T. Wooten

Approved by:     Jon Elam, City Manager


Authorize amending the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program to increase the budget for proposed New Fire Station #52 (CIP 336-3109) by $340,000 and authorizing the City Engineer to approve an additional 10% for contingencies; and authorize adding the adjacent roadway improvements (New Fire Station Road, CIP No. 336-3121).


On November 20, 1997 the City Council approved CIFP 94-1 which provided funding for a majority of this facility and described and confirmed the need for it to protect the public safety.

On May 18, 1999, the Planning Commission approved Planning Commission Resolution No. 99-22 confirming that the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program is consistent with the adopted General Plan, that it meets the requirements of Section 65401 of the Government Code and ordered that the resolution be forwarded to the City Council.

On May 25, 1999, the City Council approved Resolution 99-134 finding there was no substantial evidence that the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program would have any significant adverse environmental impacts, and directed the City Clerk to file the Notice of Determination.


When the adopted five-year Capital Improvement Program was prepared and brought before the Council, the construction of the new fire station was anticipated to be constructed by Lee Hancock.  Since funds from CIFP 94-1 were to be utilized for this construction, the project was shown as City/private.  The fire station building has been modified to include approximately 1,000 square feet for use by the Police Department.  Approval of the budget increase shown on the attached CIP sheet will allocate funding for site acquisition and the proportionate share of the building construction costs for the police.  These costs will be incorporated in the next update of the Developer Fee Program.

The adjacent roadway improvements were going to be constructed in conjunction with CUP 98-17 (convalescent care facility).  Since this construction would not require any reimbursements, it was not included in the Capital Improvement Program.  The applicant for the use permit has not proceeded into the design phase making it necessary for the design and construction of this roadway to be a CIP project.  The construction will be funded through the Developer Fee Program initially.  A benefit assessment district will be formed requiring future development adjacent to the roadway to reimburse their share of the costs incurred by the City for this construction.


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