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Meeting Date:     March 28, 2000

 Subject/Title:      Oak Street Crosswalk for Liberty High School

 Submitted by:     Engineering: J. Stevenson

 Approved by:      Jon Elam, City Manager


A discussion by the City Council of the merits and risks of installing a crosswalk for students and staff of the high school.  If the Council agrees with the request of Liberty Union High School District, then staff recommendation is to install the crosswalk in accordance with the attached Exhibit ‘A.’  Exhibit ‘A’ includes the removal of four on-street parking spaces for improved visibility, the addition of two handicap ramps for the crosswalk, moving the existing driveway into the school parking lot so the crosswalk can cross the street perpendicular, the addition of striping to create the crosswalk, the addition of red paint to portions of the existing curb to restrict parking adjacent to the crosswalk, the addition of school crossing signs, and the addition of 25 mph speed limit signs.


The construction this last summer of the easterly extension of Oak Street to Garin Parkway.


The school district has requested the addition of a crosswalk for the safety of students and faculty.  The City Council needs to be aware of the danger that this crosswalk may cause through a false sense of security.  Students and faculty do cross the street in this general vicinity, and if properly constructed, as described above and in Exhibit ‘A,’ the best that we can do is to minimize the risk.  A properly designed crosswalk may encourage the students to cross at the designated location and over time it may tend to reduce the risk of pedestrian/vehicle conflict.

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