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March 14, 2000



Police – Chief Shaw Sell two police cars

to the City of Oakley

for the amount of $1 each


RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: Sell two police cars (1994 Chevy Caprice, License E363276 and 1995 Chevy Caprice License E012682) to the City of Oakley for the amount of $1 each.

COMMENTS: As the City of Oakley begins to organize their City Police Department, the City of Brentwood is replacing some vehicles that are no longer useful for routine patrol. In discussion with Staff at the Police Department, it appeared to be beneficial to both Oakley and Brentwood for Brentwood to support Oakley’s efforts to start their Department through the recommended action. By having the Oakley Police Department in place, the cooperative efforts between the two departments provide a much better opportunity to serve the public both in prevention and enforcement.

Chief Tom Lambert of the Oakley Police Department was contacted and asked if he would be interested in receiving these vehicles for $1 each, and he stated that he would be most happy to do so. He intends to use the vehicles as supplemental transportation vehicles, which is an appropriate use.

Brentwood currently has a buyer for both vehicles in the amount of approximately $6,000. The Department feels, however, that by supporting our neighboring police department, the value of generating a strong partnership far outweighs the difference in selling the vehicles to Oakley for $2 as opposed to selling them to a movie company in Southern California for $6,000.

Should the Council agree this is appropriate, the Department recommends that the sale be finalized immediately, as the cars are already off-line and being stored.

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