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March 14, 2000







J. Stevenson/L. Filson

Lighting and Landscape District Engineer of Work Designation


Actions were taken in previous years to form many of the Lighting and Landscape Districts (LLD's) and the Park Maintenance District. On February 9, 1999, by Resolution No. 99-56, Council awarded the contract to provide LLD services for fiscal year 1999/2000 to the firm of Berryman & Henigar.


Passage of a Resolution designating Berryman & Henigar, Inc. as the Engineer of Work and directing the filing of a Consolidated Annual Report for Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance Districts 94-1 (Brentwood Country Club); 95-2 (Hawthorn Landing); 95-3 (Pheasant Run); 95-4 (Diablo Estates); 95-5 (California Spirit and Glory); 95-6 (Gerry Ranch); 95-7 (SPA "D" Greystone); 95-8 (Garin Ranch); 97-1 (Hancock-Brentwood Lakes); 97-2 (Marsh Creek Apartments); 97-3 (CBM-Brentwood Park Apartments); 98-3 (Solana); 98-4 (Birchwood Estates); 98-5 (Arroyo Seco); 99-3 (SPA "L"); 99-4 (California Grove); 99-5 (Deer Creek Country Club); 99-6 (Trailside); 99-7 (Termo); 99-8 (Gerry); 99-9 (Richmond American); 00-1 (Chan Property); 00-2 (PD-29/Pulte) and the City-wide Park District for the 2000/2001 fiscal year.

Authorize the City Manager to execute a Consultant Services Agreement with Berryman & Henigar, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $52,000 for:

    1. preparing the Consolidated Engineer's Report
    2. filing assessments with Contra Costa County

In addition, the Consultant Services Agreement will include:

    1. preparing Engineer's Reports, noticing and balloting for annexations into existing districts and formation of new districts in an amount not to exceed $3,000 per development.
    2. preparing a modified Engineer’s Report, noticing and balloting for possible changes to the 99-3 (SPA "L") District in an amount not to exceed $2,500.

K:\jbauer\Staff Reports\2000\031400\00LLD1.DOC


Page 2 – 3/14/00

Lighting and Landscape District


The Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 requires an annual review and update setting the assessment each year. As a part of the annual review, the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 requires an Engineer's Annual Report and a public hearing. In addition, Proposition 218 requires noticing and balloting if any increases over the approved maximum are being proposed. Preliminary budgets indicate that all but one existing district will have no increases over the allowable maximum assessments previously approved in the Engineer's Report for the upcoming year and therefore no ballots or individual noticing of parcels currently in the LLD's will be required. Additional landscaping/trail/pocket parks may be added to the SPA "L" District 99-3. If this occurs, a modified report with balloting will be required to increase the amount of assessment allowed to cover the increase in maintenance costs. New subdivisions that have been approved since the last Engineer’s Report will go through the balloting process for annexation into existing districts or formation of new districts. It is proposed that the consultant prepare two reports for this year, one for the Consolidated Engineer's Report and one for the City-wide Park Maintenance District. The areas of public landscaping will be increased due to new landscaping coming on-line in the newer subdivisions.

Through the interview process two years ago, Berryman & Henigar, Inc. was selected as the best firm to provide services to the City and was awarded the contract by Council. The Council awarded a contract for Berryman & Henigar, Inc. again for this fiscal year at staff’s recommendation. Staff has been very pleased with the work performed by Berryman & Henigar, Inc. and strongly recommends that they be selected to provide services for the upcoming fiscal year.


Resolution No.

K:\jbauer\Staff Reports\2000\031400\00LLD1.DOC


A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BRENTWOOD DESIGNATING BERRYMAN & HENIGAR, INC. AS THE ENGINEER OF WORK FOR LIGHTING AND LANDSCAPE DISTRICTS 94-1 (BRENTWOOD COUNTRY CLUB); 95-2 (Hawthorn Landing); 95-3 (PHEASANT RUN); 95-4 (Diablo Estates); 95-5 (California Spirit and Glory); 95-6 (Gerry Ranch); 95-7 (SPA "d" Greystone); 95-8 (Garin Ranch); 97-1 (Hancock-Brentwood Lakes); 97-2 (Marsh Creek Apartments); 97-3 (CBM-Brentwood Park Apartments); 98-3 (Solana); 98-4 (Birchwood Estates); 98-5 (Arroyo Seco); 99-3 (SPA "L"); 99-4 (California Grove); 99-5 (Deer Creek Country Club); 99-6 (Trailside); 99-7 (Termo); 99-8 (Gerry); 00-1 (CHAN PROPERTY); 00-2 (PD-29/PULTE) and the City-wide Park DistricT for the 2000/2001 fiscal year


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