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Meeting Date: March 14, 2000



City Attorney


Authorize City Attorney to join amicus brief in Apartment Association of Los Angeles v. City of Los Angeles





RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: Authorize City Attorney to join amicus brief in Apartment Association of Los Angeles v. City of Los Angeles

COMMENTS:. The Executive Committee of the League of California Cities Legal Advocacy Committee has asked that Brentwood join other cities in participating as amici in a brief being prepared by the San Jose City Attorney’s Office in the above referenced case before the California Supreme Court interpreting Proposition 218.

The case concerns a challenge to the City of Los Angeles’s annual residential rental inspection fee used to defray the regular inspection costs of multi-family rental properties. The City used the fees to seek compliance with building and safety codes. Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association and other organizations filed suit claiming the inspection fee was a property related service fee that required Proposition 218 compliance. The City won at the trial court based on the court’s finding that the inspection fee was not a property related fee as it was not imposed by virtue of property ownership, but rather was a regulatory fee imposed pursuant to the City’s police power. The Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s decision and found that the inspection fee was a user fee or a charge for a property related service, as such subject to Proposition 218.

The Supreme Court has taken the case for its review. As Brentwood may desire in the future to adopt a similar inspection program, it is in the city’s interests to support Los Angeles in this case.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Authorize the City Attorney to add Brentwood to the amicus brief in the above referenced case.

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