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February 22, 2000                                                                               _________4_______
DATE                                                                                                 ITEM NUMBER  

ORIGINATING                                                                               CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                AGENDA ITEM                REVIEW                   

(LEANA)                                        Consent Calendar: 2nd Reading
Community Development Dept.    and Adoption of Ordinance 629


RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION :  Waive the second reading and adopt Ordinance 629 prezoning the Sunset Park Expansion parcel, located along the north side of Sunset Road adjacent to existing Sunset Park, to Public Facilities (PF.)  

PREVIOUS ACTIONS:  At its meeting on February 8, 2000, the City Council introduced and waived the first reading of Ordinance 629 for this prezoning.

COMMENTS:  Approval of Ordinance 629 will enable staff to file the annexation application with Lafco.


  Ordinance 629 with map and legal description.      

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