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January 25, 2000                                                                                                 _________16________

      DATE                                                                                                              ITEM NUMBER

ORIGINATING                                                                                            CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                 AGENDA ITEM                                        REVIEW          .

Public Works                           Review of Northwestern and

(Thom Head)                            Southern Entry Monuments

PREVIOUS ACTIONS: These Community Beautification projects were reviewed by the City Council as conceptual Project Number 336072 of the 1999-2004 Capital Improvement Program in February 1999 and direction was given to proceed with right of way acquisition

RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: Staff will present the projects and take public and City Council comments for incorporation into final design documents at the Council’s January 25, 2000 meeting.

COMMENTS:  The City’s first sculpted relief concrete monument was installed by a developer in the center median landscape on the Walnut Boulevard entry to the City in 1997.  A larger, yet “portable” version of the monument was constructed on the Brentwood Boulevard North entry to the City, just within City limits.  The North Entry was reviewed by the Planning Commission and constructed through the Capital Improvement Program in 1998.

This year’s Community Beautification Project includes two entry monuments and appurtenant landscape. The Northwest Entry is to be constructed at the Southeast corner of Lone Tree Way and Heidorn Ranch Road at the Brentwood/Antioch boundary, at a great location to impart the sense of community identity and pride intended by the City’s entry monuments. The monument will be constructed just outside the Antioch right of way on land currently owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Oakland.  The monument will be an important part of, and integrated into any future commercial development in the area.

The South Entry, on Highway 4, is just South of the City’s current limits on East Contra Costa Irrigation District (ECCID) property.  This monument, in addition to its entry statement, affords the opportunity to provide some landscape screening for the natural gas pump station just outside the City.  The South Entry will also include a unique approach for the provision of church and service club information with the incorporation of the signs into a rail fence landscape feature.

Both Projects will utilize cobblestone treatments typical of Brentwood’s roadway landscape, and ornamental fruit trees, representative of the City’s agricultural heritage, to help establish community identity as the traveling public enters the City. 


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