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January 25, 2000                                                                                                ______15_________

DATE                                                                                                                 ITEM NUMBER

ORIGINATING                                                                                                   CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                            AGENDA ITEM                           APPROVAL             

Community Development                                  Comments on Brentwood’s

(Oshinsky / Rhodes)                                         Preliminary Regional Housing

                                                                        Needs Determination




Direct staff to prepare a letter for the Mayor’s signature, to propose a revision to the proposed ABAG regional housing needs determination for the City decreasing the number of housing units allocated to the City and changing the affordability distribution of the allocated units.


State law requires the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to determine a regional share of  statewide housing need in consultation with ABAG. The City is required to include the latest regional housing need numbers within the Housing Element of our General Plan.  In the past ABAG projections for Brentwood were prepared with little direct input from the City and little firsthand information about local development trends or the status of projects in the City’s development approval pipeline. Last year I initiated discussions with ABAG  to provide them a better understanding of development trends in Brentwood.  City planning staff met for many hours with ABAG staff on several occasions and discussed the status of all active development projects and  recent development trends. We jointly prepared an agreed upon build-out estimates based on accepted planning methodology and firsthand information from local developers about their specific projects. Unfortunately, the finalized ABAG projections do not reflect this agreement.

Attached is an October 11, 1999 letter we mailed about needed modifications to the preliminary projection information.

ABAG has determined a total Brentwood housing needs allocation of  6,100 dwelling units for the 1999-2006 period or  813 dwelling units per year (see attachment).  This is fourth highest city housing need allocation in the Bay Area region. The only cities with higher annual preliminary allocations are: San Jose (3,327), San Francisco (1,920), and Fremont (882).   Historically, Brentwood has only built this number of annual units on two occasions in 1997 and 1999 during exceptionally favorable economic times. The affordability distribution of the preliminary seven-year allocation includes approximately 2,000 low and very low income housing units which is also the fourth highest total in the Bay Area. During the ten-year period from 1988 to 1998 the City added approximately 800 low and very low income housing units to our housing stock.  The ABAG housing needs determination methodology did not factor in past affordable housing production, existing employment opportunities, available public facilities (e.g. BART stations), commuting patterns, and existing housing affordability within each local housing market.       

The estimates we agreed with ABAG on for the 1995–2010 period was 7,790 dwelling units or 519 dwelling units per year. Consequently, we think ABAG has allocated Brentwood 36 percent more housing units than is reasonably foreseeable.  

In addition, City staff urged ABAG to take into consideration past housing development performance when determining a City’s future housing needs allocation and allocate more affordable housing to communities with the largest employment base in order to improve regional jobs housing balance and give commuters more housing choices closer to their jobs.

State law allows the City to propose revisions to ABAG’s preliminary regional housing need allocation. The deadline for submittal of the allocation is February 29, 2000. Staff seeks Council authorization to submit a housing allocation revision request to ABAG in order to provide a more accurate and legally appropriate regional housing  need.


October 11, 1999 Letter

ABAG Regional Housing Needs Determination

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