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November 23, 1999








Police (Lt. Davies)







PREVIOUS ACTIONS: Historically, the City has authorized the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce to
hold its annual Holiday Parade through downtown Brentwood.  In 1998, the City Council approved the
event, funding the City’s portion of the cost totaling $2,457.13.  In addition to the Brentwood Chamber
of Commerce Holiday Parade, the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee Christmas Tree
Lighting Ceremony is requesting that certain City streets remain closed to accommodate the Second
Annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: Adoption of Resolution authorizing the closure of certain streets
and temporarily establishing no parking restrictions and tow away zones in order to facilitate the 1999
Holiday Parade and Christmas tree lighting ceremony to be held November 27, 1999.


For the past several years, the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce has been having an annual Holiday Parade through downtown Brentwood.  This year the Holiday Parade is scheduled for Saturday, November 27, 1999, starting at 2:00 p.m. and ending at approximately 4:00 p.m.The Holiday Parade encompasses all of First Street from Garin School to Pine Street, Pine Street to Second Street, Second Street to Oak Street and Oak Street to Third Street.  This route encompasses all of downtown and connecting streets.  Due to the vast area covered by the parade, the police department each year requests

the closure (as authorized by Section 21101(e) of the California Vehicle Code) of all impacted city streets. The

department, with the assistance of the City Traffic Engineer, has requested an Encroachment Permit from the

California Department of Transportation.  The permit allows the City to close certain streets at Brentwood

Blvd. (Highway #4) that are directly affected by the parade.  The total cost for providing city services for the

Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade is $2,650.41. 


The Police Department will deploy 5 Reserve Officers, 3 Community Service Officers,

6 full time Officers, 1 Sergeant, police volunteers and Explorers as needed.  These personnel will provide traffic

and crowd control before, during and after the parade.

A newsletter will be distributed on November 19, 1999 to the area homes and businesses affected by the street

 closures reminding them of the event, the no parking areas and other traffic controls in affect.  In addition, the

required “NO PARKING” signs will be posted along the parade route at least 72 hours prior to the event as

required by Section 21103 of the California Vehicle Code.

Attached is a city map outlining the parade route and the streets which will be affected.

Personnel and equipment costs:

            Reserve Officers                              22.5 hours            $   328.00

            Administrative   4 hours    398.48

            Supervisor                                          4.5 hours            238.37

            Full-time Officers            24 hours            1,271.28

  Community Service Officers            12 hours    374.28

            Police Dept. Volunteers            40 hours    40.00

            Police Explorers            30 hours    0.00                

                        Total:                         $2,650.41

Other City Department costs, overhead costs for vehicles and limited assistance from on-duty personnel was not factored in.

On October 15, 1999, Lt. Davies spoke with Kay Partain, parade chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce.

  During the meeting, Lt. Davies presented several cost-saving measures to her.  Chairperson Partain agreed to

 provide the following equipment and perform certain tasks that have traditionally been carried out by city

personnel.  Police Department personnel will assist and monitor the tasks to be performed by the Chamber


Cost Saving Measures:

·        Chamber to provide traffic barricades.  The barricades are to be picked up at the vendor and distributed to

the appropriate intersections prior to the event.  At the end of the event, the barricades will be collected and

returned to the business.  A committee of Chamber volunteers will accomplish these tasks.

·        Chamber to furnish the Police Department with a roll of yellow barrier tape to be used in conjunction with

the traffic barricades to close streets.

·        Chamber to furnish the Police Department with the street closure notices for distribution by police personnel.

·        Chamber to furnish the “NO PARKING” signs.  The signs will be posted and picked up by the police


The use of the Police volunteers and/or Explorers, where appropriate, will contribute greatly to the reduction

in personnel costs to the Chamber.

Under Ordinance No. 566, motorized and non-motorized mobile vendors are prohibited on sidewalks. 

Pedestrian carts will also be prohibited from the parade route for public safety reasons under Brentwood

Municipal Code Section 5.68.060(E).

Actual personnel costs cannot be determined until the event is concluded.  The personnel cost estimates

included in this report are based on projected manpower availability and a safe and orderly event not requiring

additional or unexpected police or other city services.

This year in addition to the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade, the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood

Committee is requesting that the intersection and surrounding streets remain closed from the conclusion of the

parade until 6:00 p.m. on the same day.

This request is to facilitate the second annual Advisory Neighborhood Committee’s Christmas Lighting

Ceremony to be held at the City’s Christmas tree on the southwest corner of Brentwood City Park at Second

 and Oak Streets.

The continued closure of the City streets will not require additional sign posting or a permit from the California

Department of Transportation.

Lt. Misquez met with Kay Partain, Chamber of Commerce Parade Chairperson and Annette Beckstrand,

spokesperson for the Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee.   It was agreed that the parade and the

 Christmas tree lighting ceremony would be conducted as two separate events that will transition from the

parade activities to the Christmas tree lighting.  

To assure that the additional street closures did not adversely affect any of the businesses immediately adjacent

 or within the closure, spokesperson Beckstrand contacted those businesses and obtained their signature

acknowledging the closure (see attached).

The Brentwood Advisory Neighborhood Committee will provide 30 barricades with flashing lights to be

marked with Christmas ribbons to distinguish them from the Parade barricades.  The barricades will be placed

 as indicted on the attached the area map of the effected streets.   In addition to the 30 barricades the

neighborhood committee will provide 4 barricades with “Road Closed Ahead” signs attached.

To accommodate this closure the Police Department will deploy two officers and four to five Police Volunteers

 to maintain the integrity of the street closure.

Personnel and equipment costs:  

Administrative                                     l hour                $99.62

            Full time officers                              4 hours           $165.60

            Police volunteers                                10 hours           $10.00                                                                 

                                                            Total                         $275.22

Funding and liability insurance for the Christmas lighting ceremony will be provided through the City Manager’s


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