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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas

November 23, 1999                                                                                _________11______

DATE                                                                                                      ITEM NUMBER

ORIGINATING                                                                                 CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                AGENDA ITEM                  APPROVAL                    

Community Development                Authorization To Execute

(Oshinsky / Rhodes)                                   Community Development

                                                            Block Grant Project Agreement

                                                            For Village Drive Area Street

                                                            Lighting Improvements                          

PREVIOUS ACTIONS:  In December 1998 the Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a project agreement with the County which included an allocation of $26,084 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)  funds for street lighting improvements in conjunction with the Barbara Street Extension project (Capital Improvement Plan #336050). The Council also authorized the application for additional CDBG funds to help complete the needed street lighting construction improvements within the Village Drive neighborhood (Capital Improvement Project #336087). The County Board of Supervisors approved a supplemental $30,000 grant in July 1999 bringing the total street lighting CDBG funding contribution to $56,084.  The City Redevelopment Agency has previously authorized the expenditure of $30,000 from the Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund for this project (via RA99-04).     

RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION:   Authorize the City Manager to execute a CDBG Project Agreement with Contra Costa County for the Village Drive Area Street Lighting project (attached).

DISCUSSION:  The execution of  this project agreement between the County and the City is required to begin drawing down on the $30,000 CDBG grant for the Village Drive Street Lighting project. (see  Exhibit A of the attached project agreement). All of the CDBG money from the County for this project is provided for construction costs and would be made available to the City through reimbursement payments.   The required City matching funds will come from previously authorized redevelopment funds through the Cooperation Agreement approved by the Council and Agency for this project on July 27, 1999.


Project Agreement

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