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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas

                                                                            DDecember 14, 1999      
ORIGINATING                                                                                            CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                 AGENDA ITEM                                        REVIEW_____

Finance Department (Jones)             Annual Review of the

                                                            City’s Investment PolicyPREVIOUS ACTIONS:       

November 25, 1997, Resolution 97-237 was passed updating the City’s investment policy to be in compliance with State legislative actions.

September 8, 1998, the investment policy was submitted to the City Council for review as required by Government Code.


Review the City’s Investment Policy (Council Policy No. 10-4)


The Government Code requires the city’s investment policy to be reviewed annually by the City Council at a public meeting (Section XII),  and delegate the investment management responsibility to the Treasurer for a one-year period.   Delegation of the investment management is included within the Policy under (Section V).

The only recommended revisions to the investment policy at this time, would be increasing the State Local Agency Investment Fund limit to $30,000,000 as permitted under Section 16429.1 of the Government Code and removing the reporting requirements for accrued interest .  The City’s investment advisor, Public Financial Management, Inc., has reviewed the policy and recommended no changes to the policy

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