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December 14, 1999                                                                                           _________________                                                                                                                         ITEM NUMBER

ORIGINATING                                                                                            CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                 AGENDA ITEM                                        REVIEW_____

Finance Dept. (Jones)                        Employee Computer

                                                            Purchase Program

                                                            Council Policy No. 10-8


This item was discussed at the Personnel Sub-Committee with favorable response.


Approval of Employee Computer Purchase Program as Council Policy No. 10-8


The purpose of the program is to improve productivity by encouraging employees to purchase and use home computers by providing them with a financial incentive to do so.  The program would allow an employee to acquire personal computer equipment and software compatible with what the City uses.  This would allow the employee to use these applications more frequently, explore the features in greater detail at their own leisure and pace in a comfortable environment.

Key elements of the program are:

§         No interest charged on the loan

§         Maximum loan amount - $3,000

§         Employee can borrow once every three years and have only one outstanding loan

§         Loan repayment over 24 months by payroll deduction

§         Balance due and payable upon termination and will be deducted from the employee’s final check

§         Only regular employees that have successfully passed the probationary period are eligible

§         Hardware and software must be capable of running the City’s standard office applications

§         Hardware and software purchased under the program cannot be sold or transferred  until the City loan is paid in full

The funding for the program would come from the Information Services Equipment Replacement Fund.  Staff recommends budgeting $45,000, which would fund 15 loans at the maximum amount and as these loans are repaid then funds would become available to issue more loans.

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