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December 14, 1999














J. Stevenson/P. Eldredge

Long Term Water Agreements Between East Contra Costa Irrigation District and the Contra Costa Water District



On September 26, 1995, the Council Approved Resolution 95-215 authorizing the execution of an agreement with the Contra Costa Water District for water supply. This agreement was signed by Mayor William Hill on October 19, 1995.
On March 10, 1998, the Council Approved Resolution 98-41 approving the principles of agreement between East Contra Costa Irrigation District (ECCID), Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) and the City of Brentwood for Long-Term Water Supply and authorizing the City Engineer to continue negotiations with ECCID and CCWD to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for all parties.
Passage of a Resolution approving the agreements between East Contra Costa Irrigation District (ECCID), Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) and the City of Brentwood for long-term water supply, conveyance and treatment.
In May of 1990 ECCID irrevocably dedicated to CCWD  21,000 acre-feet of its 50,000 acre-feet confirmed annual water right as blocks A, B and C. On October 19, 1995 the City of Brentwood entered into an agreement with CCWD for the purchase of a portion of the block A water and for the conveyance and treatment of this block A water at the Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant (RBWTP).
Soon after the purchase, use and permanent entitlement of block A water was confirmed, all three parties determined that it would be mutually beneficial to re-negotiate the existing agreements. This determination was based upon the following:
· Brentwood would obtain a long-term permanent supply of water to serve its ultimate needs directly from ECCID and would pay $27 per acre-foot for raw water. It would allow Brentwood to delay the construction of a water treatment facility for approximately ten (10) years. It also provides economically feasible treatment service at the Randall-Bold WTP by reducing our current treatment costs from the fixed rate of $460 per acre-foot to a variable rate ranging from $336 to $390 per acre-foot.
· ECCID would retain the actual water rights dedicated to CCWD in the May 1990 agreement but would provide permanent allotments of water to Brentwood and CCWD. By doing so it would provide economic viability to the irrigation district and provide funds to maintain and construct its capitol facilities.
· CCWD would obtain a permanent allotment of water directly from ECCID. ECCID would expand its District Boundaries so CCWD would be able to utilize this new source of water within its service area. Additionally, it secures Brentwood as a long-term user for the unused capacity at the Randall-Bold WTP and provides a means by which Brentwood can serve its residents water within CCWD’s service area that overlaps with current and future City boundaries. 
On March 10, 1998 the Brentwood City Council adopted the “Principals of Agreement” that were developed collectively by the three parties. These principals were used as the basis for the agreement between Brentwood and ECCID and have been attached to the back of this staff report as Exhibit “A”. 
The “principals of agreement” that were approved in March of 1998 are basically the inner workings of the agreement and have been included word for word in the agreement between Brentwood and ECCID. 
The agreement between Brentwood and CCWD clears up and resolves several complex issues of which some have been briefly mentioned in this staff report. Additional information will be provided to Council in the form of presentation in which these items will discussed in detail. Handouts for this presentation will be available prior to the Council meeting and will be distributed to Council prior to the meeting.
Exhibit “A” Resolution No. 99-_____ Agreements – Brentwood / ECCID Agreement, Brentwood / CCWD Agreement  

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