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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas
December 14, 1999                                    
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Public Hearing: General Plan 
 (Oshinsky/Leana)           Amendment, Rezoning and Rezone
   Amendment in the Neroly, Lone Tree Way 
 and Anderson Lane area.
PREVIOUS ACTIONS: This area was prezoned as a shell PD (without development standards) to be consistent with the General Plan Land Use designation in late 1996, and annexed several
months later, in 1997. 
RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: City Council action is threefold as follows:
1. Pass Resolution 99-XX approving General Plan Amendment 99-2 which changes the     
land use on 21 +/- acres from Very Low Residential Density (VL) at 1 to 3 du/ac. to
Office-Business (OB.)
 2. Introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance XXX which rezones the 21 +/- acres
covered by the general plan amendment above, from Planned Development Twenty-
Nine (PD-29) to Planned Employment Center (PEC.) 
3. Introduce and waive the first reading of Ordinance XXX which adds Chapter 17.479 to the Brentwood Municipal Code, establishing development standards for Subarea A of PD-29.
COMMENTS: At its meeting on November 16, 1999, the Planning Commission took several actions on future development within the 171 acre PD-29. In conjunction with the approval of a 245 single family lot subdivision for development by Pulte Homes, final action is needed by the City Council on a rezone amendment to incorporate development standards for the Pulte project, establish dwelling unit allocations for the remaining residential portions of PD-29, and to change the land use and zoning on a 21 acre portion of PD-29 (located at the northeast corner of Lone Tree Way and O’Hara Avenue) to reflect a desire to reserve the area for job generating land uses, instead of for residential uses. 
PD-29 is being set up similar to SPA ‘L’ (PD-26) in that the City is attempting to accommodate a merchant builder (Pulte Homes) who desires to build in the short-term, and to accommodate the other residential property owners within PD-29 whose properties are either vacant or underdeveloped at this time, but who may wish to develop their properties at a later date. With the recommended change, the total dwelling unit count is being set at 342 units, which is the midrange density for the Very Low Residential Category—2 du/ac. On a 4-0 vote, with one member absent, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the requested General Plan Amendment. On a 3-1 vote, with one member absent, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezone and rezone amendment. The reasoning for the dissenting vote was that the density of 2 dwelling units per acre should not have included the acreage being converted to PEC (21 acres), resulting in 42 additional units above the midrange for the residential portion of PD-29. The remaining members of the Planning Commission felt that the conversion of the 21 acres to future PEC uses was adequate justification for allocating the total midrange units (342) to just the residual residential portion of PD-29 as it could have a significant impact on the city’s jobs to housing balance. With the removal of the 21 acres of PEC from PD-29, the residential density for the remaining portion of PD-29 calculates out to be 2.28 du/ac. The density of just the Pulte Homes portion of PD-29 calculates out as a gross density of 2.85 du/ac. 
Approval by the City Council will enable Pulte Homes to proceed with a final map on their portion of the property. 
City Council Resolution ______ approving GPA 99-2
Ordinance XXX approving RZ 99-04
Ordinance XXX approving RZ 96-4A adding development standards to PD-29
Mitigated Negative Declaration
Site maps, including a reduced map of TSM 8226 
Planning Commission Resolution 99-46 approving GPA 99-2
Planning Commission Resolution 99-47 approving RZ 96-4A
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