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Past Agendas
December 14, 1999
Community Development


Public Hearing: Appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision to approve CUP No. 97-10 to construct a new gas station, 24 hour convenience store and car wash located at the corner of Oak Street and Brentwood Boulevard.

Open the public hearing; hear from the City Council and applicant; if Council desires any further study or information, or desires to overrule the Planning Commission and deny this project, continue the item to the next meeting or; adopt Resolution No. ___ upholding the Planning Commission’s decision to approve CUP No. 97-10 and allow for the construction of a new gas station, 24-hour convenience store and car wash.     
COMMENTS: On November 2, 1999 the Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider the application by Chevron to demolish the existing gas station and construct a new larger gas station, 24 hour convenience store and car wash totaling 3,853 square feet with accompanying parking and landscaping. The Commission voted 3 – 1 – 1 (Absent) to approve the project. Attached is Planning Commission Resolution No. 99-42 (with conditions of approval) containing the findings for approval.  On November 9, 1999 the City Council voted 4 – 0 – 1 (abstain) to institute an appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision. It is Staff’s understanding that the issues of concern to Council are the proposed car wash at an entry to downtown; traffic; and the appropriateness of auto related uses in the downtown.   
General Plan and Zoning
The General Plan Land Use Designation for this site is Downtown (DT). A variety of uses are allowed in this designation, including commercial, office, and residential. The Zone is Central Business (CB). Auto service stations are permitted in this zone, subject to approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) by the Planning Commission.
Land Use and Site Plan   
In the past the Commission, under the conditional use permit process, has approved gas stations with car washes as an accessory use. The debatable question is, as the gateway to the Historical Downtown Brentwood, should a modern car wash be allowed on this site. The applicant has been working diligently with Staff to incorporate some of the architectural features of the former Historical Brentwood Hotel (which once occupied this site) into this new station. 
The proposed plan is much more compatible with the historic nature of the site and downtown architecture than the standard Chevron gas station design. The applicant has not only incorporated many of the features (i.e. 1. Curved arches, 2. Enhanced canopy supports, 3. Window mullions, 4. Historical plaque, 5. Historical sign, 6. Landscaping berming with annuals at the corner) from the Hotel into the convenience store and car wash design but has carried that same theme over to the gas pump canopy creating a very nice transition between the two structures. The applicant is proposing a color scheme that is not the standard Chevron blue and white. The proposed colors will include a mocha brown and café au lait light brown for the building and canopy. A cranberry color will be used to accent the window trim. The gas pumps will be mostly white in color with some blue trim for accent. The roof will be constructed with a “S” tile roof material and will be a San Simeon blend dark brown in color.      
This car wash would be located along the southeastern property line behind the convenience store and takes up half of the convenience store’s rear wall. The car wash will have landscaping between it and the property line. The adjacent lot is 50-feet wide so any business locating on it would not be far from the car wash and the noise it generates. The applicant is proposing bi-fold doors on the car wash to help mitigate this concern. After the car enters the wash area the doors would close and remain closed until the wash and dry cycle is complete then the doors would open allowing the car to leave. Staff, along with several of the Planning Commission members, has been to a Chevron station with this type of car wash and there is a noticeable reduction in noise (that it is nearly not discernable) compared to a car wash without doors. Originally, the Planning Commission and Staff felt that the car wash was not an appropriate use for the downtown because of the potential noise that the car wash could produce as well as the proposed circulation for entering and exiting the car wash. Staff requested the bi-fold doors at both ends of the car wash. Since the redesign of the building, the introduction of the bi-fold doors on the car wash and the increased amount of proposed landscaping the Planning Commission and Staff feel that the effect of having the car wash at an entrance to the downtown has been somewhat mitigated.   
The Planning Commission did consider that adding a car wash to the existing gas station would be expanding this auto use downtown but felt that customers were already coming for the gas and as such the car wash is a incidental or accessory use and customers would not be coming just for the car wash.
A.  City Council Resolution No.____ upholding the Planning Commission’s approval B. Planning Commission Resolution No. 99-42
C. Minutes from the November 2, 1999 Planning Commission meeting
D.  Project Plans   

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