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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas

December 14, 1999                                                _________________ DATE                                                                       ITEM NUMBER

ORIGINATING                                                                                            CITY MANAGER’S

DEPARTMENT                                 AGENDA ITEM                                          REVIEW       

Thom Head, Public Works     Approve the purchase of a new Solid

Jon Carlson, Solid Waste      Waste collection vehicle from Heil

                                                  Manufacturing and authorize the City

                                                  Manager to execute a purchase agreement

                                                  not to exceed $157,370.

PREVIOUS ACTIONS:  Approved in Fiscal Year 1999/00 Budget.

RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION:  Passage of Resolution No. 99-      approving the purchase of a new collection truck for the Solid Waste Enterprise and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement and necessary documents to purchase a 2000 Volvo/Heil automated collection truck in the amount not to exceed $157,370.

COMMENTS:  The City’s continued residential growth warrants the purchase of a new automated collection truck to keep route size down to a regular work day.  During the transition to full routes, a new truck will provide a spare to allow for better maintenance intervals.

The City Solid Waste Department has built a fleet of Heil automated collection trucks and currently operates 4 of this style in residential collection.  The Heil Company continues to improve its product while using the same automated collection technology.  Many of the parts have remained identical from the first two purchased in 1994 through the last two in 1997 and 1998.

To maintain fleet consistency, minimize parts inventory, and to continue our successful collection operation, staff recommends sole-source purchase of the Heil rapid rail automated collection truck.            



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