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December 14, 1999


J. Stevenson/P. Eldredge

Zone I Waterline Relocation Construction Agreement


On January 13, 1998, the Council approved passage of Resolution No. 98-15 adopting the precise alignment for the State Route 4 Bypass.

On February 9, 1999, the Council approved passage of Resolution No. 99-51 authorizing the City Engineer to execute an agreement between Carlson, Barbee & Gibson, Inc. for civil engineering services for the Zone I Waterline Relocation, CIP Project No. 562-5622.


Passage of a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement between Brookfield Home Bay Area Inc., and the City of Brentwood to facilitate the construction and relocation of the City’s Zone I Waterline


The State Route 4 Bypass project and the Brentwood Lakes subdivision (Brookfield Homes) requires the relocation of the 24” Zone I water line.  Brookfield Homes will be responsible for relocating the water line through their project and has coordinated with the City on the design.  The City is responsible for relocating the line where it crosses the proposed State Route 4 Bypass.

In order to facilitate construction of the waterline and Pipeline in the manner most advantageous to the City, Brookfield will act as the CITY’S  agent for the installation of the pipeline for the relocation of the City’s Zone I Waterline. Having all of the Pipeline and waterline work performed by a single contractor under one agreement will benefit both the City and Brookfield by, among other things, providing continuity in the construction, avoiding duplicative mobilization costs, and having a single point of responsibility for the performance of warranty and other services in connection with the waterline. Based on these factors, the City has determined that competitive bidding for this work would not produce any advantage for the City and is not practical under these circumstances.

Brookfield will have the work performed in strict accordance with the plans titled 24" - Zone I Waterline Relocation, prepared by Carlson Barbee & Gibson, Inc. and signed by the City on


Page 2 – 12/14/99

Zone I Waterline Relocation Construction Agreement                                                               

September 7, 1999, from station 0+00 to station 47+00, (the “Plans”) and the City of Brentwood Standard Plans and Specifications in effect as of the date this Agreement is made, which Plans and Standard Plans and Specifications are incorporated herein by this reference.

The City will reimburse Brookfield Homes for all reasonable and documented construction costs incurred by Brookfield in installing the Pipeline.  The estimated cost of relocating the City’s portion of the pipeline is $603,987.60 as set forth in Exhibit A which is included in the attached agreement. This amount has been budgeted for and is included in CIP Project No. 562-5622.


            Resolution No. 99-_____

            Agreement - City of Brentwood and Brookfield Homes Bay Area, Inc.

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