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Meeting Minutes



November 9, 2005

A special meeting of the City Council of the City of Brentwood was called to order at 7:00 p.m., at Summerset II, 193 Summerset Drive, Brentwood, CA 94513, with Vice Mayor Gutierrez presiding.

Present: Council Members Beckstrand, Brockman, Gutierrez, Taylor
Absent: Mayor Swisher


General discussion of issues of concern to residents of Summersets I, II, III, and IV. No action was taken on the following public comments:

Phil Hockstrasser, Summerset II, asked about the policy of the Brentwood Police Department with regard to making police rounds in the Summerset area.

Police Chief, Michael Davies, explained the policy of the Brentwood Police Department.

Mark Underwood, Summerset IV, spoke about the lack of soundwalls around the Summerset IV community. He said that Summersets II and III would have soundwalls and Summerset IV was denied the soundwalls because of being greater than 540 feet. The data in the Final Supplemental EIR supported his stance of deserving some type of sound mitigation. He submitted a signed petition from Summerset IV residents asking for sound mitigation.

City Engineer, Bailey Grewal, explained that Segment III of the Highway 4 Bypass, from Balfour Road to Concord, was scheduled for major construction starting by summer, 2006. In Phase II of the Bypass, there would be a mitigation of sound attenuation by a 14-foot wall starting 700 feet south of Balfour Road; a 6 – 7-foot high masonry wall in the middle area since the homes were 10 to 15-feet higher than the Bypass and a 14-foot high wall heading 200 – 300-feet south or east of Fairview Avenue. Slopes in the area would be hydro-seeded and the distance from homes to the new wall would be approximately 70 to 100-feet wide. He spoke about the EIR and FSEIR studies regarding noise levels. If there were homes within 100 feet of the centerline of the Bypass, the document suggested a 10 – 12-foot high wall and homes 200-feet away, the normal wall would be enough to mitigate noise from the Bypass. Any residential construction of 540-feet or more from the centerline of the Bypass, the suggested buffer would be enough and there would not be any mitigation needed because the off-set would be enough to mitigate the noise level. The Bypass Authority had done a study and was looking into landscaping. Proposed lighting would be placed at the on/off ramp areas at the future interchange.

Council Member Beckstrand said that Council would not be taking any action at this meeting and would need to hold a discussion on the topic, wherein an action could be taken. Caltrans would eventually be adopting the Bypass to make it a state highway. Council would forward concerns to the Bypass Authority and make sure every consideration was given.

Council Members and Directors introduced themselves and spoke about their departments and services provided by each department.

Ken Harris, Summerset Orchards, asked what would be done about the realignment of Concord Avenue, with Segment III of the Bypass. He also spoke about Fairway number nine.

City Engineer Grewal noted that the realignment of Concord Avenue was planned at Summerset II and III and would be a two-lane road and not an arterial road and once Segment III of the Bypass opened, it would become a local road.

Joe Gunderman, Summerset II, said he was a golfer and felt lots of balls would be going into on-coming traffic and he asked about liability.

Glen Duke, Summerset II, asked if the freeway, when developed, would come in on Summerset Drive. He asked about the criteria that Council/Planning Commission used to determine commercial development and if the residential development would handle it. He also asked about the establishment of zoning.

Director of Community Development, Howard Sword, responded to Mr. Duke, noting that as part of the approval process, there would be an environmental impact report and traffic study conducted as far as access, and mitigations would be identified at that time for any condition.

Council Member Brockman commented that this had been planned approximately 15-20 years ago and would go to the Planning Commission when the time arrived. It was hypothetical now and staff had high standards and people were notified of a project. He asked residents to rely on staff and to come forward and make comments and suggestions.

Vice Mayor Gutierrez said that the City would mitigate accordingly and she could not say at this time what would be done.

Jean Dean, Summerset II, said she had been informed by the Bypass Authority that the wall would be 49-feet away from residences.

City Engineer, Bailey Grewal, explained that he had received current information form the Bypass Authority and that residents were welcome to contact his office or the Bypass Authority.

Council Member Beckstrand explained that Mr. Dennis, Bypass Authority, had given the information he had at that time to the Summerset residents before engineers had finalized designs. Things may have adjusted since then. City Engineer Grewal had the final, official documents that the project would be awarded on and built from, barring no surprises. The Bypass Authority had information and provided the information to the City.

Vince Aliotte said he was the manager of the golf course and it would be gone in 2007.

Director of Community Development, Howard Sword, said that the facilities were leased by one private property ownership to another private property ownership and it was a matter between two private properties. There was no condition on the property which contained the putting green in the driving range; it was a temporary use permit. The City had no condition requiring that the use continue. The property where the executive course, driving range and putting green was located was general planned as commercial office and zoned for commercial use and there was a development agreement that had been in place since the early 1990’s that locked in the rights.

Wilbur Sun, Summerset II, expressed his concern about commercial in the area and asked where the entrance to Summerset would be.

Director Sword said that issues would be addressed when a project application was received.

Vice Mayor Gutierrez noted that staff could not give definite answers on developments that were not yet in front of the City.

In response to Rick, Summerset II, Director Sword stated that Balfour Road to the gate of Summerset is a public road and from the gate in the community was a private road and traffic impacts would be analyzed when an application came to Community Development. The property owners had not brought in an application and could sell the property. New owners could bring forth an application.

Council Member Brockman informed it had been zoned for commercial until an application came in to Community Development. The zoning had been in place and it would not change and would remain commercial unless an application was received. He encouraged residents to attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings and express concerns.

Gail Hutchinson, Summerset II, asked how long the trees would be down on Fairview and if anyone had received a notice.

City Engineer, Bailey Grewal, said the northeast corner of Balfour Road and Fairview Avenue had gone in front of the Planning Commission for the Fairview Avenue Widening. There were plans and a public hearing and people were notified on that public hearing for the project.

Greg spoke about the Concord widening due to the development of the Vineyards and he asked if that should have been addressed at the Planning Commission meeting.

City Engineer, Bailey Grewal, stated that this had come to the Planning Commission in 1999 for the alignment/realignment of Concord Avenue and the golf course was part of that project.

Gwen Bell, Summerset II, said that the first 11 palm trees on the right side were doomed to come down with the new commercial spot and she asked how the trees would be saved.

Director of Parks and Recreation, Craig Bronzan, said he was not aware of any plans to take the palm trees down. If a development had taken place, the developer must replace trees with “like-size” trees. Some trees could be transplanted and some replaced with a tree the same size or ten trees equaling the same amount of size.

Linda Riley, Summerset III, said she had worked for the City of Livermore and understood the process that those within 300 feet of a project would be notified of that project. She volunteered to be a representative from Summerset in the process. She expressed concern that when people traveled, they shut off garbage service because it was not needed, yet water bills were high.

Director of Public Works, Paul Zolfarelli, explained that water rates were based on use and his department would be glad to come out and check the meter if they contacted his office.

Neal Hickey asked about access to the new commercial area and asked if the entrance/egress could be on Balfour Road and not on Summerset Road.

City Engineering, Bailey Grewal, explained that on Balfour there would be an on/off ramp for the Bypass at 700 feet and it would be determined when the development came, depending on the traffic study and there may be a right in/out driveway off of Balfour or into the commercial.

Council Member Beckstrand informed that the City had a set of standards for how close and intersection could be and Caltrans had an additional standard for anywhere near a freeway interchange as to how close an intersection would be allowed. There may not be room for an additional lighted, left turn access intersection between the on/off ramp and Summerset Drive.

Council Member Taylor said he wished to have two meetings per year at Summerset.

City Manager, Donna Landeros, spoke about the truck rollovers that had happened on the Brentwood Boulevard Curve, particularly after the last rollover. Caltrans was considering the implementation of the following items proposed by the Engineering Department, which were sign meters to show speed and channel truck traffic into one lane only and over a rumble strip. She reminded everyone that the highway belonged to Caltrans.

Director of Parks and Recreation, Craig Bronzan, spoke about water and medians.

Director of Public Works, Paul Zolfarelli, explained the work that had been done to ensure that there was a sufficient amount of water for current and future needs.

Council Member Brockman referred residents to the City website to view Council meetings.

Director of Finance and Information Systems, Pam Ehler, noted that the Council had been aggressive in planning for the City’s future and she referred to the ten-year fiscal model, the CIP program and a reserve program of 30 percent.


There being no further business the special meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cynthia Garcia, CMC
Assistant City Clerk


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