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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2004


Roll Call
Present: Beckstrand; Gutierrez, Hill; Petrovich; Swisher

1. Approve a Resolution selecting one of the three 50% schematic designs for the New City Hall Project and direct staff to move forward with the full design of the project based on the design criteria as presented during the City Council Workshop for the New City Hall, CIP Project No. 337-3139

Director of Economic Development, Howard Sword, said that staff recommendation was for Schematic Design B. He added that staff was committed to working with Council, community and the public to build a library and elements in the community center.

Mayor Swisher asked about the general plan and the architects. Director Sword said that all of the elements in the New City Hall Project would need to work together with the general plan. Architects KMD and Friedman, Young and Bottomley would work together.

Council Member Gutierrez requested that a community informational event be held on the project for the public. She did not want to move forward without having that event and asked that the project be done in the context of the downtown specific plan.

Director Sword said that the information could be placed in the Brentwood Press and even though there had been a lot of publication, there needed to be direct outreach to the community.

Council Member Petrovich said he believed that the scheme removed the existing Community Center and he was not in favor of the project.

Council Member Gutierrez asked if there was an agreement made regarding removal of the Community Center.

City Attorney, Dennis Beougher, explained that staff research indicated there was no prohibition about the building. A title report had been done and nothing showed up in the record indicating that it would be prohibited.

Council Member Gutierrez would like to reassess the plans and feasibility sites and would move forward if staff did not find anything.

Council Member Petrovich said he would support the New City Hall at the site across from the new Police Department.

Mayor Swisher added that he believed the best site was here.

Motion: Approve waiving full reading and adopting Resolution No. 2004-52, approving the Scheme B Alternative, as recommended by staff.
Moved by Gutierrez, seconded by Hill

Vote: Carried 4 – 1
Yes: Beckstrand, Gutierrez; Hill; Swisher
No: Petrovich

Council Member Hill requested information regarding the disposition method and he asked that the issue of deeds be resolved.


Motion: Approve ADJOURNMENT
Moved by Hill, seconded by Beckstrand

Vote: Carried 5 - 0
Yes: Beckstrand; Gutierrez; Hill; Petrovich; Swisher

Respectfully Submitted

Cynthia Garcia
Assistant City Clerk


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