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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Minutes of November 27, 2001

A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Brentwood was called to order at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 734 Third Street, with Mayor McPoland presiding.

Roll Call
Present: Councilmembers Beckstrand, Gomes, Hill, Petrovich, Mayor McPoland
Absent: None


A. Mayor McPoland presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Peggie Schuitemacher for her efforts in organizing the Committee to Support Measure J and increasing the public’s awareness of the communities need for a new Police Facility.

Ms. Schuitemacher thanked all those who worked on the committee and the supporters of Measure J pointing out that it was a group effort which led to the success of Measure J. Ms. Schuitemacher then invited all supporters to a celebration dinner on November 30, 2001 at 6:30p.m.

B. Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks & Recreation, gave a brief introduction of a presentation given recently at a League of California Cities Community Service Conference, by the City of Paramount, showcasing Pocket Parks. Mr. Bronzan then introduced Karen Rarey, Parks and Recreation Commission Chair.

Ms. Rarey gave a PowerPoint presentation on the benefits of Pocket Parks, a way for communities to take blighted lots and with little financial investment, turn the area into a small park, which adds value and greenery to the area. Ms. Rarey showed several examples of Pocket Parks, which have already been done by the City of Paramount.


Item No. 2 Memorandum from Mitch Oshinsky, Community Development Director.

Item No. 6 Memo from Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager requesting that the item be removed from the agenda.


Barbara Guise, Tri Delta Transit, announced that the Forty-Niner bus is a great success. Buses leave at the Brentwood or Antioch Park and Ride, the cost is $10.00 round trip, kids under 15 are free. 

Mayor McPoland thanked Byron Bonnickson’s for his efforts in cleaning the downtown area after the storm last weekend.


1. Approve Minutes of November 7, 2001.

2. Approve second reading of Ordinance 695 adopting the General Plan Update, Associated Zone Changes, and Certifying the Environmental Impact Report. (Pulled for further discussion)

3. Approve an agreement for Payment of Contract Services with Balfour Properties, LLC, for Mitigated Negative Declaration for Balfour Village Center Project.

4. Approve an Agreement for Contract Services with EIP Associates for Mitigated Negative Declaration for Balfour Village Center Project.

5. Approve Resolution No. 2413 to reinstate the Brentwood Bikeway Project, CIP # 336-3071, as part of the 2001-2006 Capital Improvement Program.

6. Approve a resolution accepting Parcel "A" - Neighborhood Park for maintenance, located in Subdivision No 8199, California Orchard Unit 1, KB Home, located south of Continente Avenue and west of Walnut Boulevard. (Removed per staff request)

7. Approve Resolution No. 2414 approving the City of Brentwood 2001/2002 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program goal of 3.96% for U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) contracting opportunities.

8. Approve Resolution No. 2415 authorizing the City Manager to award a contract to Wingard Engineering in an amount not to exceed $59,614.50 to install energy saving LED signal lights at each signalized intersection citywide, and authorizing the City Manager to execute change orders up to 10% of the contract amount, related to Signal Modification, CIP Project No. 336-3132.

9. Approve lease agreements for 724 Third Street with Reach and Latino Outreach. 

10. Approve Resolution No. 2416 authorizing the closure of certain streets to facilitate the 2001 Sociedad Guadalupana de Brentwood, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Pilgrimage Parade.

It was moved/seconded by Hill/Beckstrand to approve Consent Calendar items 1, 3 - 5 and 7-10 as recommended by staff. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 2 

Councilmember Beckstrand expressed concern with the zoning designation for the area of land adjacent north and south to Sycamore Avenue and Sellars Avenue. Councilmember Beckstrand stated she would like to see the current designation of Urban Reserve changed to Ranchette Estate or SPA making it more difficult for a future Council to manipulate it to a higher density area. 

Councilmember Hill commented that if a change were made, the change should be to a SPA as opposed to Ranchette Estate which would not accomplish the infrastructure.

Mayor McPoland expessed concern over the City’s ability to support the infrastructure if the zoning were too low in density.

Mitch Oshinsky, Director of Community Development, stated that it would be a designation between Ranchette Estate and Very Low Density.

Councilmember Gomes discussed an option that may become available to the City with the current ULL called swapping acreage. He expressed concern that changing the designation of the piece of land might hinder the City’s ability to develop that area in the future should the City decide to trade it and put another equal amount of acreage in the ULL and he did not want to limit the City’s options.

It was moved/seconded by Beckstrand/Hill to approve Item 2 designating the area of land adjacent north and south to Sycamore Avenue and Sellars Avenue as a SPA with one unit per acre and all other changes. Motion carried unanimously.

Item No. 6 

Memo from Ken DeSilva, Park Services Manager requesting that the item be removed from the agenda.

It was moved/seconded by Petrovich/Hill to remove Item 6 from the agenda. Motion carried unanimously. 


11. Approve a resolution amending fees relating to the Regional Fee Authority JPA. 

Dennis Beougher, City Attorney, explained that this item was an approval of the fees for the Joint Powers Agreement which was approved by Council at the last meeting. 

Councilmember Hill expressed his appreciation that the JPA did what they could to find the nexus to put the appropriate emphasis on housing rather than commercial opportunities so that Brentwood could remain competitive at $1/sf.

Councilmember Gomes commented that the entire JPA is interested in generating jobs and promoting business versus building more residences.

John Stevenson, City Manager, mentioned that the fee structure leaves the City short funded and there is a buy down on the dollar for commercial office and industrial so we will have to aggressively look for grant funds to make up the difference in the shortfall.

The public hearing was opened. There being no one wishing to speak the hearing was closed.



It was moved/seconded by Gomes/Hill that full reading Resolution No. 2417 be waived that that the same be adopted as recommended by the City Attorney. Motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Councilmembers Beckstrand, Gomes, Hill, Petrovich, Mayor McPoland
NOES: None


12. Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation gave an update on the re-opening of the Skate Park. Mr. Bronzan stated that the three-day closure appears to have had the desired effect on behavior at the Park. Mr. Bronzan stated that the two part-time employees were very effective. We also had a full time police officer which was not fully utilized. He also commented that many parents were happy with the added supervision. Mr. Bronzan stressed some concern over the cost of the additional employees to staff the park. He recommended that we keep the additional staff at the Park until at least after the Christmas break although he feels the full-time police officer is not necessary. Mr. Bronzan recommended one full-time staff person during the week and two full-time staff personnel on the weekends. Mr. Bronzan also stated that staff would need to identify the additional funding as part of the mid-year budget review.

Councilmember Hill expressed his appreciation to staff for their immediate actions in regaining control of the skate park and bringing it back to a safe environment.

Councilmember Gomes commented that it looked like a family recreation center and thanked staff for a job well done.


13. Approval of Park & Recreation Commission recommendation for conceptual plan of Sunset Park Expansion. (CIP Project No. 522-5201). 

Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation, thanked the subcommittee for their efforts in developing this plan and introduced Peter Arnold, Abey / Arnold Associates, Landscape Architects.

Mr. Arnold, gave an overview of the process and options considered by the subcommittee for the project. Mr. Arnold showed a slide of the new park and reviewed all the features. 

Councilmember Beckstrand asked about the number of parking spaces at the park. Mr Arnold responded that there were 300 – 350 spaces.

Councilmember Hill commented that certain concessions were made during the planning of the park to remain within the budget. He then asked how the recent reduction in fees will impact the park.

Mr. Bronzan commented that since there was no construction money coming out of this year’s budget it has no impact, but we will look at the money coming in over the next few years and decide from that what we will be able to build. We will still be able to build the park, but it will be tougher.

Cuncilmember Hill thanked the committee for their efforts

It was moved/seconded by Hill/Petrovich to approve the conceptual plan of Sunset Park Expansion as recommended by the Park & Recreation Commission. Motion passed unanimously.



Mayor McPoland announced that he invited to give a presentation in Oakland on December 7, 2001, at ABAG, with regard to our application for Inter-Regional Partnership.

Mayor McPoland discussed meeting he had with the City Manager, Howard Sword, Director of Economic Development, and the County Administrator. They took a tour of the City and discussed the financial difficulties of the County Health Clinic. The County Administrator is concerned that if the clinic cannot remain in their current location at 218 Oak Street, they will have to close and move to Pittsburg. 


Councilmember Gomes requested that staff fix the microphone system in the Council Chambers.

Councilmember Beckstrand inquired about the availability of a new employee manual. 


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cynthia Goulding
Administrative Assistant II

City Administration
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