LEED Certification

The City has achieved a SILVER LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for this project. LEED Certification consists of a system of points given for utilizing building components for energy efficiencies.  The following environmental strategies were developed to help ensure the project is environmentally sound and LEED Certification is achieved.

Landscape and site design will strengthen the storm water management systems, as well as reduce water use, through the use of drought tolerant and indigenous species and efficient irrigation systems.
The use of recycled and recyclable materials throughout the construction and the construction process will respect precious California resources.
Construction diversion and sustainable construction techniques will ensure that the project becomes an example for all future construction within the area.
Indoor Air Quality
Building designs which ensure indoor air quality positions the Civic Center as not only being a healthy building but one that  promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Natural Light
Buildings which will optimize natural daylight and incorporate occupancy sensors and dimming systems which save energy and cost.
Energy Efficiency
Efficient building systems which will reduce energy consumption thereby lowering operating costs.  Designs will look at the potential of on site energy sources, such as solar power, will further add to reduced energy consumption.