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Youth Commission Minutes - February 2, 2011


Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
Brentwood Technology Center, Council Chambers
101 B Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

Chair Matt Strauss called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.

Commissioners Katie Barsanti, Bailey Hamblin, Madisun Marquez, Anthony Montes, Kimberly Montes, Paige Ross, Allyson Spears, Jack Strauss, Matthew Strauss and Chris Walker were present. Adult Advisor Steve Walker was present. Adult Advisors Laura DeLaCruz and Dave Castle Advisor were excused. Police Liaison Chris Peart was present. City Staff Liaison Barbie Gary was present.

Representatives from Liberty High School and Heritage High School addressed the Youth Commission and provided an update of school activities scheduled for the month.



1. Approve regular meeting minutes of December 1, 2010. (M. Strauss)
2. Accept Fiscal Status for 2010/11 budget year. (K. Montes)

Motion to approve the consent calendar.

Motioned: A. Montes
Second: Barsanti
Ayes: 10
Nays: 0

3. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update from the Middle School Involvement Committee regarding visiting local middle schools to increase middle school student involvement with the Youth Commission. (K. Barsanti)

Commissioner Barsanti advised that this is the time of year to visit the middle schools to promote and explain the purpose of the Youth Commission; encourage students to apply for upcoming openings; advertise the middle school dance hosted by the Youth Commission and distribute flyers and applications.

Commissioner Marquez visited Bristow Middle School and Commissioner Barsanti visited Adams Middle School. They will revisit the schools to deliver flyers and applications. Edna Hill Middle School remains to be visited.

Chair Strauss reminded the committee to visit the high school leadership teachers to enlist their help in promoting the Youth Commission to their students.

4. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update from the Youth Leadership Committee. (B. Hamblin)

Commissioner Hamblin announced that the Youth Leadership Committee has representatives from Bristow Middle School, Adams Middle School, Liberty High School and Heritage High School. She is having a difficult time getting students to commit to attending the Youth Commission meeting. She asked for input on how to make the students feel involved and valued.

It was suggested that the committee communicate to the students that they are a direct link between the Youth Commission and the student body and their assistance with promoting Youth Commission events is appreciated. It was also suggested that the committee might consider hosting a meeting with representatives and leadership teachers to state the goal of the committee and Youth Commission, in general. Lastly, the committee could encourage the representatives to stay for the Youth Commission meeting to see the commission in action.

5. ACTION ITEM: Update from the Fundraising Committee regarding event details for the middle school dance fundraiser, scheduled for March 11, 2011 at the Brentwood Senior Activity Center, and approve dance admission fee. (B. Hamblin)

Commissioner Hamblin advised that the dance will have a Spring Break theme. She encouraged commissioners to help secure chaperones, video games, and decorations. Chair Strauss and Commissioner J. Strauss will provide music and lights. She advised that the Police Explorers and portable white fencing would be used for crowd control. Commissioner Barsanti is finalizing the event flyer. The committee will decide if a giveaway item is necessary. The committee suggested that ticket prices are $7 pre-sale and $10 at the door. Tickets will be available for pre-sale for approximately two weeks prior to event and no online sales will be conducted. A separate entry will be set-up for pre-sale ticket holders to have their names verified against the registration list and to present their school identification card.

Motion to approve the ticket prices of $7 for presale and $10 at the door for the Middle School Dance fundraiser scheduled for March 11, 2011 at the Brentwood Senior Activity Center.

Motioned: Marquez
Second: J. Strauss
Ayes: 10
Nays: 0

6. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update from the Youth Leadership Conference Committee regarding the proposed Brentwood Youth Leadership Conference. (P. Ross)

Commissioner Ross advised that the committee has met twice to discuss event logistics. At this point, they’re planning to host the event on Saturday, August 20, 27 or September 3, 2011 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. They’re considering a one-hour introduction followed by twenty-minute rotations of mixed groups from different area schools. The speakers could include leadership teachers, City Council and a party/event planner. Heritage High School is the possible venue but Liberty High School will also be considered.

Chair Strauss advised that twenty-minute rotations sound too short and encouraged the committee to allow sufficient time to move between sessions. He recommended contacting school vendors (i.e. photography company) to see if they have any interest in presenting.

City Staff Liaison asked the committee to determine what is the theme of the event, how will it be promoted, and what will students gain by attending the conference. The committee should also discuss if there will be a registration fee and if lunch will be provided.

7. ACTION ITEM: Discuss the Youth Commission’s interest in volunteering with the annual Tour de Starbucks fundraiser, and if participating, select members to serve on a committee to work on event logistics and appoint a chair to lead the committee. (M. Strauss)

Chair Strauss advised the Tour de Starbucks event started 5 years ago as a co-fundraiser with PAL (Police Activities League). It is a family bike ride in Brentwood and surrounding communities. Over the years, other groups and organizations have joined to help promote the event. If the Youth Commission is going to participate in the May 14, 2011 event, he advised the formation of a committee so that a representative can attend the upcoming planning committee meetings. Starbucks representative, Rebecca Bradley, has scheduled a planning committee meeting for February 7, 2011.

Volunteers to serve on the Tour de Starbucks Committee are Commissioners Ross, Spears, K. Montes and Marquez. Commissioner Marquez will serve as the committee chairperson.

Motion for the Youth Commission to participate in the Tour de Starbucks event on May 14, 2011 and to establish a Tour de Starbucks Committee comprised of Commissioners Ross, Spears, K. Montes and Commissioner Marquez as chairperson.

Motioned: M. Strauss
Second: K. Montes
Ayes: 10
Nays: 0

8. ACTION ITEM: Discuss and approve the scholarship award amount for the 2011 Youth Commission Scholarship Program which awards up to four high school seniors who have met scholarship requirements. (K. Montes)

Commissioner Montes advised that the Youth Commission has awarded scholarships to high school seniors and the award amounts have been $750, per scholarship. The commission needs to decide if the amount should stay the same or be increased.

Chair Strauss commented that the fundraising efforts have been so profitable that the commission may want to consider increasing the amount and quantity or decide to keep it the same. He is in favor of increasing each award to $1,000 and issuing up to five scholarships.

Commissioner Hamblin expressed her concern that increasing the quantity to “up to five” may make the committee feel pressured that it has to give out five scholarships and potentially to applicants that aren’t as qualified.

Commissioner Ross recommends keeping the number of scholarship at “up to four” so that more money is left over for the next year.

Commissioner Spears recommends increasing the dollar amount to $1,000 to make the scholarship more attractive in hopes that applicants would be more inclined to apply for it.

Motion for the 2011 Youth Commission Scholarship Program to award up to four scholarships with an amount of $1,000 per scholarship.

Motioned: J. Strauss
Second: Ross
Ayes: 10
Nays: 0

Chair Strauss commented that the committee list shows committees that have fulfilled their duty.

Commissioner Hamblin asked if the Youth Commission applications could be promoted through Youth Leadership announcements.

City Staff Liaison Gary advised that the Adult Advisor applications would be sent to school principals for their recommendation of potential candidates.

Fundraising Committee (Middle School Dance)
Middle School Involvement Committee
Youth Leadership Conference Committee
Youth Leadership Committee
Tour de Starbucks Committee

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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