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Youth Commission Minutes - November 5, 2008
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Commissioners Katie Barsanti, Austin Boer, Lauren Conder, Elysia Cook, Bailey Hamblin, Anthony Montes, Irving Ordaz, Matthew Strauss and Chris Walker were present. Commissioner Mickell Escobar was absent. Adult Advisors Dave Castle and Julie Truesdell were present. Adult Advisor James Martinez was absent. Police Liaison Matt Bell was present. City Staff Liaison Barbie Gary was present.





1. Approve regular meeting minutes of September 3, 2008. (M. Strauss)
2. Accept Fiscal Status for 2008/09 budget year. (E. Cook)
3. Accept monthly status report (C. Walker)

• Chair Strauss pulled item 3 for comments.
• Chair Strauss commented on the following events:
Hometown Halloween: This was a good event to get the name or the Youth Commission out there.
Homecoming Parade: Although it rained, it was a good event for the Youth Commission to have attended and also get their name out there.
Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony: This would be a good event for the Commissioners to get involved in. Those interested in volunteering that day should contact City Staff Liaison Gary.

• Motion to approve item 3 of the consent calendar.
Motioned: Walker
Second: Montes
Ayes: 9
Noes: 0
Absent: Escobar

• Motion to approve items 1 and 2 on the consent calendar.
Motioned: Barsanti
Second: Cook
Ayes: 9
Noes: 0
Absent: Escobar
4. ACTION ITEM: Update from the Middle School Activity Night subcommittee on the movie night and select a new date and location for the event. (L. Conder)

Commissioner Conder said the Middle School Activity Night subcommittee met and came up with three potential dates for the movie night. They came up with Wednesday, January 28, Thursday, January 29, or Friday, January 30, 2009. Discussion ensued about which date would be ideal for both the Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Chair Strauss said those dates were selected because the Heritage High theatre would be available those days. In February, the theatre would be occupied for performances that month. He also mentioned that food will not be sold at this event otherwise the price to rent the movie would increase. Chair Strauss also mentioned the possibility of giving out mini size water along with Costco cookies during the intermission.

Commissioner Conder mentioned the possibility of recycling the bottles from this event to save for the scholarship fund. Some questions that were brought up included the need for a janitor to open/close the facility and cleaning up of the facility. Police Liaison Bell mentioned that he did have the key to the Heritage High School facility so with that being said; he would be a great resource to accessing the facility. It was mentioned that janitorial service may not be needed if only water and cookies are being served. All food and beverage will not be served in the theatre so there should be very little to clean up.

Various Commissioners commented on what dates would be better for them and their school schedule. City Staff Liaison mentioned the possibility of having raffle items or door prizes. Adult Advisor Truesdell said she may have some extra kid’s meals coupons that can be given away.

• Motion to approve the following three dates in the order of preference; Friday, January 30 at 7 pm, Wednesday, January 29 at 5 pm, and Thursday, January 28, 2009 at 7 pm and to reserve them with Heritage High School.
Motioned: Conder
Second: Cook
Ayes: 9
Noes: 0
Absent: Escobar

5. DISCUSSION ITEM: Update from the Youth Commission Master Plan Subcommittee regarding the Youth Survey and review timeline for distribution and tabulation of surveys. (D. Castle)

Adult Advisor Castle said the Youth Commission Master Plan Subcommittee met about a week ago to review the survey and timeline for distribution and tabulation of surveys. He said certain modifications were made however overall the survey remained the same. Adult Advisor Castle mentioned that the Subcommittee discussed having the designated representative(s) meet with the various school Principals prior to the winter break about the survey and the intention of having them distributed after the holiday break. He hopes to have the Principals on board with the survey and going over what classes will be utilized for that purpose. A date would need to be selected.

Chair Strauss added that each school’s surveys will be designated by a colored paper. He also mentioned that to gain access to the various campuses, a field trip pass will be obtained. Adult Advisor Castel said he would also prefer that two representatives be present at the time. The various representatives were listed on the minutes date September 3, 2008 on page 3 of 3.

The details of how the survey will be implemented will be discussed at a later time as the priority is to set up the meeting with the Principals to work out approval of the survey.

6. ACTION ITEM: Approve funding not to exceed $3000 for the 2009 Youth Commission Scholarship Program which awards up to four high school seniors who have met scholarship requirements with a $750 scholarship and approve recommendation to City Council to adopt a resolution approving the Youth Commission Scholarship Program. (I. Ordaz)

Commissioner Ordaz gave a brief overview of what this scholarship entails. Chair Strauss elaborated to say that in previous years, a male and female was awarded $1000 awards however the gender requirements was eliminated. Also eliminated from the criteria of receiving the scholarship was the particular high schools that would be encompassed. The scholarship now would include any students in high school that are Brentwood residents. Once the recipients of the scholarship have been selected via a thorough review of their application, transcript and proof of financial need, it will then require City Council approval. Award winners will be formally presented at a future City Council meeting in May or June 2009.

City Liaison Gary said that at this time 4 scholarships will be awarded and not two $1,000 scholarships. Commissioner Barsanti inquired about how the recipients are selected. The selection process will entail writing an essay along with the proof of financial assistance needed, letters of recommendation from teachers, and the Executive Committee’s review of the applications. There will also be a verification of transcript before the award of money will be given.

• Motion to approve funding not to exceed $3000 for the 2009 Youth Commission Scholarship Program and make a recommendation to City Council to adopt a resolution approving the Youth Commission Scholarship Program.
Motioned: Cook
Second: Ordaz
Ayes: 9
Noes: 0
Absent: Escobar

7. DISCUSSION ITEM: Commissioners will discuss volunteering at the upcoming Breakfast with Santa event on Saturday, December 13, 2008. (B. Hamblin)

Commissioner Hamblin spoke of the Breakfast with Santa event to be held on Saturday, December 13, 2008. For those interested in volunteering they would need to be there between the 6:45 a.m. – 1 p.m. They can volunteer for any amount of time.

City Staff Liaison Gary said volunteers are needed early in the morning because the first seating begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. and thereafter will be 4 immediate seatings back to back with the last seating at 11:30 a.m. Every hour a new group of families would be let into the Brentwood Community Center and while one group is transitioning into another room for arts and crafts or to meet Santa, another group of families will be entering the facility to receive their sit down breakfast. The transitions of people are quite smooth and well managed.

City Staff Liaison Gary will send an email reminder for those that may be interested.

8. ACTION ITEM: Discussion regarding visiting local middle schools to increase middle school student involvement with the Youth Commission and establish a subcommittee to coordinate. (K. Barsanti)

Commissioner Barsanti started the discussion on visiting the local middle school to increase middle school student involvement with the Youth Commission. She spoke of the need to create the flier and coordinate the actual visit so that City Liaison Gary can get in touch with the various Principals to coordinate these visits.

City Liaison Gary suggested getting a group together to start working on the application so that it would be ready in time for distribution. She also suggested that the Commission consider administering the survey and doing this presentation of getting involved with the Commission on the same day to save time.

Chair Strauss mentioned the possibility of having the other five Commissioners who are not on a Subcommittee currently to be members of this new Subcommittee relating to Middle School Involvement.

Chair Strauss suggested maybe the middle schoolers can get some pointers on interviewing for a seat on the Commission. He noted that in the past, the interview process wasn’t so great. City Liaison Gary mentioned the possibility of requiring the potential candidates to come attend a meeting and seeing the process of how the meetings take place.

• Motion to approve the formation of a new Middle School Involvement Subcommittee consisting of Commissioners Barsanti, Boer, Conder, Montes, and Ordaz for presentation at each classroom for survey and tell them about the Youth Commission.
Motioned: Hamblin
Second: Walker
Ayes: 9
Noes: 0
Absent: Escobar

Chair Strauss said the PAL Board met on Monday and they have an upcoming event that involves Best Buy. There will be a Guitar Hero competition. Chair Strauss will be emailing the Commissioners the flier and said they can always use more volunteers at this event.

City Liaison Gary spoke of about a fundraising event called Tour de Starbucks that the Youth Commission sponsors. She is currently gathering information for the upcoming activity guide. The information needs to be inputted into the guide in the next couple weeks to meet the publication deadlines. Last year, there were about 200 participants that made their way around town visiting various Starbucks. City Liaison Gary hopes that the upcoming event will draw in even more people. City Liaison Gary would like to pursue the date of May 16, 2009 for this event.

Approve date for Middle School Activity night
Update on Breakfast with Santa
Tree Lighting event reminder
Subcommittee reports

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

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City of Brentwood Youth Commission
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Brentwood, CA 94513
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