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Youth Commission Minutes - April 4, 2007
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Commissioners Briana Swisher, Mickell Escobar, Sarah Simmons, Luke Barnesmoore, Christine Mendez, Taylor Brinkman, Belinda Ordaz, Leah Hocking, Matthew Strauss and Stephanie James were present. Adult Advisors present were Julie Truesdell and James Martinez. City Staff Liaison Barbie Gary was present. Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja was absent. PAL Liaison Mark Louwerens was absent.



There were no changes to the agenda.


Commissioner Hocking made a motion to approve the consent calendar. Commissioner Strauss seconds. All were in favor.

• ACTION ITEM Update from sub-committee on plans for the Youth Activity Night, approve new date for the event of May 4, 2007 and set a budget of no more than $500. (S. James)
Commissioner James advised that the Community Center is not available for the previously discussed date of April 20, 2007. However, it is available on Friday, May 4, 2007. The subcommittee proposes a budget of no more that $500 for event supplies. The subcommittee suggests marketing the event by making classroom announcements and having flyers, containing the registration form, available on the campuses. Marketing the event will be Adult Advisor Truesdell at Edna Hill Middle School; Commissioner Hocking at Adams Middle School; and Commissioner Strauss at Bristow Middle School. The new event name “SIXTH” is the acronym for Super Intense Xtreme Thrilling Hyper.

Commissioner James made a motion to approve the proposed Youth Activity Night for May 4, 2007 and set aside a budget of no more than $500 for event supplies. Commissioner Barnesmoore seconds. All were in favor.

• ACTION ITEM Approve proposed Girls Circle program and set a budget of no more than $625 to purchase the program curriculum. (C. Mendez)
City Staff Olivia Alvarez and Jackie Dwyer request the Youth Commission support a new program called, “Girls Circle”. The goal of the program is to help young girls build their self-esteem; foster positive relationships with their peers; connect them with established women in the community; and counter the effects of self doubt. Edna Hill Middle School has been selected as the location for the pilot program which would start on April 17, 2007. The participants will meet twice weekly after school. There will be no fee to the girls in the pilot program. A budget of $625 is needed to purchase the curriculum. Trained facilitators will conduct the program.

Commissioner Brinkman made a motion to support the Girls Circle Program and set aside a budget of $625 to purchase the curriculum. Commissioner Mendez seconds. All were in favor.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Update on status of fundraising event through Pick Up Stix Restaurant. (S. Simmons)
Commissioner Simmons advised the Pick Up Stix fundraiser has been confirmed for Sunday, April 29, 2007 from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. If a patron presents the Youth Commission flyer on this date during the specified hours, Pick Up Stix will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Youth Commission. Money raised will be added to the Youth Commission scholarship fund. City Staff Liaison Gary will obtain the flyer from the restaurant and make the needed copies. Commissioners are advised to pick up the flyers at the Parks & Recreation Office. Flyers will also be distributed at the Spring to Life Fun Run.

• ACTION ITEM Approve recommendations from sub-committee regarding the direction and specific objectives for the Youth Commission. (L. Hocking)
On behalf of the sub-committee, Commissioner Hocking proposes three action steps. The first action step is to design a survey based upon feedback from the Youth Forum and distribute the survey to the high schools. The second action step is to encourage the high schools to sponsor and execute the next Youth Forum. The third action step is to increase community awareness about the Youth Commission through event sponsorships. The sub-committee has decided not to pursue a teen center. Commissioner Hocking distributed a hand-out with the next steps.

Commissioner Strauss made a motion to approve the next steps proposed by the subcommittee. Commissioner Barnesmoore seconds. All were in favor.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Update on recruitment process for Youth Commission openings for 2007 – 2008 and interview schedule. (B. Swisher)
Commissioner Swisher advised seven of the ten positions will become available due to term expirations. Applications along with a letter of recommendation are due on April 27, 2007. This is a firm deadline. Applications are available in the Parks & Recreation Office and at the administration offices of the local middle and high schools. Interviews will be held the week of May 14-18, 2007.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Review of Youth Job Fair and Battle of the Bands competition which occurred on Friday, March 16, 2007. (T. Brinkman)
Commissioner Brinkman advised that more business participation is desired at the next Job Fair. Low business participation may be due to local businesses that not hire workers under 18 years old; more lead time is needed as decisions are made at the corporate level; and limited big retailers within city limits. Suggestions for next year include; placing flyers in the Chamber of Commerce monthly newsletter; water bill inserts; television commercials; and design the event to look different than a typical job fair.

Commissioner Brinkman stated that the Battle of the Bands, which followed the Job Fair, raised $408 for the Youth Commission scholarship fund. The PAL Board wants to do another Battle of the Bands in early summer. A few recommendations to improve the next event include; starting later in the evening around 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m.; selling snacks; make rules more clear concerning bag check and security; and change the voting system.

The Commission requests that City Staff Michael Tsutsumi and Jaclyn Dwyer attend the next Youth Commission meeting to further discuss the Battle of the Bands competition.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Discussion of the Spring to Life Family Fun Run and Health Expo fundraiser for the Youth Commission. (M. Escobar)
Commissioner Escobar recommends announcing the event to the school volunteer coordinators. In order for the Youth Commission to receive credit for the volunteer hours, the individual needs to specify that they are there on behalf of the Youth Commission. The Commissioners agreed that volunteers should gather in front of the Brentwood Library at 7:30 a.m. and then check in as a group. Commissioner Strauss will present the volunteer opportunity to his leadership group tomorrow.

In 2006, their volunteer efforts at the event raised $850. Commissioners interested in attending this year, need to provide their name to City Staff Liaison Gary by April 12, 2007.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Update on Tour de Starbucks fundraising event scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2007. (L. Barnesmoore)
Commissioner Barnesmoore advised that PAL Liaison Louwerens has submitted the necessary paperwork and is waiting to receive corporate approval. He further stated that PAL Liaison Louwerens recommends the sub-committee meet at 9:00 a.m., next Friday.

• DISCUSSION ITEM Report from commissioners who attended the 2007 California PAL Sacramento Experience, March 24 – 27, 2007. (M. Strauss)
Commissioner Strauss advised the trip was a good experience. Some of the highlights from the event include; the opportunity to meet Assemblyman Guy Houston; a tour of the capital building and access to the Assembly floor; meeting and sharing ideas with PAL attendees from other states; great speakers; and receiving recommendations for college studies in the field of Government and Political Science.

Commissioners requested an update on the Youth Commission interviews. City Staff Liaison Gary will contact them with the interview schedule.

Since grant availability for PAL is decreasing, the Commissioners inquired if the Youth Commission can make donations to PAL and can the money raised from the Fun Run be split between them. City Staff Liaison Gary will research and report back if such actions are allowed.

Commissioners would like new Youth Commission t-shirts. It is believed that new shirts will help market the Youth Commission and increase their visibility within the community which relates back to the third action step regarding the direction and specific objectives for the Youth Commission. Lt. Martinez extended an invitation for the Youth Commission to attend a Monday luncheon of the Brentwood Rotary Club. This will also raise awareness and create connections with local business owners.

City Staff Liaison Gary will check availability for the Youth Commission next steps to be placed on an upcoming City Council agenda.

City Staff Liaison Gary advised that, effective immediately, Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja has stepped down, thus creating a vacancy for a new adult advisor.

Tour de Starbucks Update
Review Spring to Life Fun Run
Battle of the Bands Update
SIXTH Grade Activity Night Update
Girls Circle Update
Review Pick-Up-Stix Fundraiser
Youth Commission Openings Update
Scholarship Update

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.


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