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Youth Commission Minutes November 1, 2006
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance

Mickell Escobar, Sarah Simmons, Christine Mendez, Luke Barnesmoore, Taylor Brinkman, Belinda Ordaz, Leah Hocking, Matthew Strauss, Stephanie James. Commissioner absent was Brianna Swisher. Adult Advisors present were James Martinez and Julie Truesdell. Adult Advisor, Kiko Ceja and PAL Liaison, Mark Louwerens, were also absent. City Staff Liaison Tom Burt and Barbie Gary were also present.


Recreation Supervisors Tom Burt and Barbie Gary announced that the City is applying for an award that is open to the entire U.S. to be selected as one of the 100 best communities for young people. They stated that they would like to film a few of the commissioners to send in with their application. Filming took place after the meeting.

Barbie Gary handed out a flyer for a Youth Empowerment Summit a week from Saturday at Heritage High School.

There were no changes to the agenda.


1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on October 4, 2006 (T. Brinkman)
2. Update on Fiscal Status for ’06/’07 budget year. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Hocking made a motion to approve the consent calendar. Commissioner Brinkman seconds the motion. All were in favor.

3. DISCUSSION ITEM Review of Homecoming Parade, Monster Mash, and the Hometown Halloween events. (S. James/S. Simmons/M. Escobar)
Commissioner James reported that the Youth Commission had two cars in the Homecoming Parade and it went well. They are interested in doing this again next year. Commissioner Simmons reported that Monster Mash was fun, but very busy. She and Chairperson Ordaz operated the games for this event. Commissioner Barnesmoore reported that Hometown Halloween was a success. They handed out necklaces for this event.

4. ACTION ITEM Determine location for the December 6, 2006 meeting and budget limit. (T. Brinkman)
Commissioner Brinkman asked the commissioners if they wanted to continue their tradition of having their December meeting at Cap’s Restaurant or going someplace else this year. Discussion took place and it was decided to continue to go to Cap’s. Commissioner Stauss made a motion to increase the budget amount from $500 to $750. Commissioner Hocking seconds the motion. All were in favor.

5. ACTION ITEM Select dates, locations and budgets for 2007 Ski and Snowboard trips. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Hocking stated that Sugarbowl had good skiing conditions last year, but Sierra did not. Discussion took place regarding several different ski resorts, which may be better. Commissioner Brinkman made a motion to set aside $7000 for the 2007 Ski/Snowboard trips (Sugarbowl January 27 and Bear Valley February 10). Commissioner Mendez seconds the motion. Commissioner Barnesmoore opposes.

6. DISCUSSION ITEM Participation at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade and Breakfast with Santa Events. (L. Barnesmoore)
Tom Burt announced that Breakfast with Santa will be on Saturday, December 9, and the Commissioners should volunteer to help. Discussion took place regarding the Holiday Parade, and it was decided that the Youth Commission would not be participating this year.

7. DISCUSSION ITEM Update on preparation for the first Teen Forum on December 7, 2006. (J. Martinez)
Adult Advisor Martinez stated that transportation will be arranged by Superintendent Dan Smith. Tom Burt stated that this item will be discussed at the December 6, 2006 meeting, as well. Mr. Burt stated that this is a landmark event for the Youth Commission. He stressed that they should try to attend. Lunch will be served, and there will be raffle items.

8. ACTION ITEM Discuss ideas and budget for Teen Activities Night. (C. Mendez)
Commissioner Mendez stated that last year’s event was good and they had cool activities. Commissioner Strauss thinks they should do what they did last year. The person who picks the game will MC the game and state the rules. Commissioner Barnesmoore suggested that they advertise at the schools earlier this year. Leah Hocking asked if they would like to make a subcommittee, and everyone agreed they should. Staff recommended the subcommittee be formed with Commissioners James, Barnesmoore & Hocking. Subcommittee Member Walker will be helping them. They will plan the activities. If they decide to limit the attendance of the event to 25 from each school, they could keep the event here. If they want a larger group, they will need to change the activities and maybe the location. Chris Walker stated that if they have 30 kids from each school, and with the new school, it will be a total of 90 kids. Location will be determined in December. Leah Hocking stated that they would like to have their meeting at Starbucks this year instead of Willies Bagels. Leah makes a motion to form the subcommittee of herself, Commissioners James and Barnesmoore, Subcommittee Member Chris Walker and Adult Advisor Ceja to plan activities for the January 26, 2007 event with a budget of $500. Commissioner Strauss seconds the motion. All were in favor.


Julie Truesdell suggested having a camera at each of their events to do a scrapbook of the Youth Commission on poster board to display at events.

Youth Forum, Ski Trips, Activities Night, Breakfast with Santa, 2007 Meeting dates.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.

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