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Youth Commission Minutes - September 6, 2006
Regular Meeting
City of Brentwood
Wednesday September 6, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The invitational Social Hour was attended by the Commissioners, Adult Advisors and invited members of the community. Some of the local departments represented were Chief Davies of the Police Department, Gene Clare of the School District, Brian Swisher, Mayor of Brentwood, Gregg Robinson of the Brentwood Press and many others. Refreshments were served and the guests and Commissioners mingled and discussed their goals. Chairperson Belinda Ordaz welcomed all of the guests and gave them a brief background of the Commission. She told the guests that the Youth Commission had been formed about seven years ago. She then went through some of the projects of the Youth Commission and also introduced other Commissioners who also explained some of the other services performed in the community by the Commissioners. Tom Burt, Recreational Supervisor then introduced himself, the Adult Advisors and other distinguished guests. Poldina Scherff Recreational Manager was also introduced.

After the presentations, the guests were invited to stay and attend the meeting if they wished.

The meeting was called to order at 7:13 p.m. by Chairperson Belinda Ordaz

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance

The roll was called by Secretary Strauss. Commissioners present at roll call as follows; Luke Barnesmoore, Chairperson Belinda Ordaz, Matt Strauss, Leah Hocking, Christine Mendez, Stephanie James, Sarah Simmons and Mickell Escobar. Commissioner Taylor Brinkman and Brianna Swisher were absent and excused. Adult Advisors present were Kiko Ceja, James Martinez and Julie Truesdell. Subcommittee members Chris Walker and Suray Patra were also present. Officer Mark Louwerens, Police Liaison was also present.

No presentations

No announcements

There were no changes to the agenda

No citizen comments.

Commissioner Swisher arrived at 7:16 p.m.

1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on August 2, 2006. (T. Brinkman)
2. Update on Fiscal Status for ‘06/07 budget year. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Mickell Excobar moved to approve the Consent Calendar, motion seconded by Commissioner Strauss, motion carried unanimously.

3. DISCUSSION ITEM Commissioners review of the Annual Social. (J. Truesdell)
Adult Advisor Truesdell asked what the Commissioners thought of the social held prior to the meeting. Commissioner Barnesmoore said it went even better than last year. She asked if they liked the food in the middle of the room. All liked that and Commissioner Strauss and Ordaz also said it went well. The Commissioners and guests mingled very well. All Commissioners agreed. They said it was a good experience and just about the right size of participants.

4. ACTION ITEM Approval and update to move the Teen Forum to December 7, 2006. (T. Burt) Mr. Burt explained that due to some scheduling conflicts he would be out of town on the originally scheduled date. He has contacted Keith Hawkins, the facilitator when he would be available again, he found that he will be booked until December 7. Therefore, Mr. Burt then said he try to secure that date with the Commissioners. He has already done a lot of the preparatory work with the assistance of the Adult Advisors. He asked the Commissioners for their thoughts on this change of plans. Commissioner Strauss asked how that would affect the plans made to date and what the Commissioners should do in the meantime. Mr. Burt suggested forming a subcommittee at the next meeting in October to work on this change of plans for the forum. Commissioner Strauss made a motion to move the Teen Forum to December 7, 2006. Motion seconded by Commissioner Hocking, motion carried unanimously.

5. DISCUSSION ITEM All Commissioners are invited to attend Marsh Creek Cleanup on Saturday, September 16, 2006. (M. Escobar)
Chairperson Ordaz announced this item and the Commissioners discussed previous Marsh Creek Cleanup campaigns. Commissioner Escobar explained the time and place of the event. Commissioner Strauss said he would be there with his leadership class. Mr. Burt explained that this is not a fund-raiser, just a community volunteer event. They discussed the need to bring gloves and sturdy clothes, may have to dress for either cloudy or hot weather, be prepared for both. There will be a lunch served and some entertainment. Mr. Burt asked for a show of hands for those that felt they would be able to work at the clean-up. Commissioners showing that they felt they could be there were subcommittee member Walker, Commissioners Escobar, Simmons, Mendez, Strauss, Hocking and Barnesmoore. Some may have to check on other activities and may come later. Chairperson Ordaz will see if she can be there and also Commissioner Swisher. Adult Advisors Ceja and Martinez were not sure. Adult Advisor Ceja suggested anyone with questions about the event read a recent article in the current 110 Degree magazine which discussing the event.

6. DISCUSSION ITEM Chairperson B. Ordaz will update status of Homecoming Parade application, also discussion on Monster Mash on October 21, and Hometown Halloween on October 28, 2006. (B. Ordaz)
Mr. Burt commented on the fact that the Commissioners can see by the above scheduled events that this is the busy time of the year and he really appreciates the time given on the weekends. He is also very appreciative of the Adult Advisors and Police Liaison for their assistance in these events. Chairperson Ordaz then said that the Homecoming application was completed by Mr. Burt and herself in the first couple of days that they came out. This is very significant since it means that instead of being at the end of the parade this year they hope to be placed near the front. They are the first to turn in their entry of the approximately 75 entries. Chairperson Ordaz said she has requested that they be placed immediately after the city officials. They will do the same type of speech as they did last year, with some updates. This will be held on October 20, all Commissioners should arrive around 5:30 p.m. ready to ride in the convertibles. Chairperson Ordaz reported that for the Monster Mash on October 21, which has been formally known as “Franks with Frankenstein” this will be an afternoon and evening event, similar to “Breakfast with Santa” and “Lunch with Bunny” which most of the Commissioners have been involved with in the past. There will be activities, games, etc. and more information will be given out at the October meeting.

The following weekend will be the Hometown Halloween, where in the past the Youth Commission has had a booth and passed out Halloween candies, favors, wristbands etc. There was then some discussion on what to give out this year. Glow-in-the-dark necklaces and other types of items were discussed. Mr. Burt will need to know what they would like to order since he will have to order soon. Beads, glow-in-the-dark skeletons and other items were discussed. He will check out what can be ordered and then at the following meeting he will present ideas and funds will have to be allotted for their purchase. Chairperson Ordaz then referred back to the Monster Mash and asked what the timeframe is on this event. Mr. Burt was not sure, but will have that information for them at the October meeting. He thought that it would be about 5:00 p.m. and last until 6:30 and then there will be some clean up time afterwards, possibly until 7:30 p.m.

7. ACTION ITEM Commissioners will select a date and time for the middle school activities night. (M. Strauss)
Commissioner Strauss said that it will get bigger this year. He discussed where to hold the event and commented that last year he and Adult Advisor Ceja had looked at the Heritage Gym. He felt where it will be held will depend on how big a crowd they are trying to bring out for the event. Do they want 200 or 80 people? Location, date and time was discussed with all of the Commissioners. Commissioners felt they should strive for more than last year, and try for possibly 100 to 150. Commissioner Strauss has done a PowerPoint last year which wasn’t shown and could be shown this year. Discussion on how many and what grades to invite and it was decided to keep it to 6th graders from Edna Hill, Bristow and Adams Middle Schools. There was discussion on which facility to accommodate the activities and number of people invited. Adult Advisor Ceja discussed last year’s event and said that he would be willing to go to schools and invite people along with Commissioner Strauss. He also feels word of mouth will assist in bringing out more participants this year. Commissioner Barnesmoore said he would be willing to go to Edna Hill and make a presentation if needed. Commissioner Simmons asked about Adams. Mr. Burt said all schools should be treated equally and give all an opportunity to participate. He recommended that students from all three middle schools be invited. Commissioner Escobar said her mother works at Adams and would be willing to assist in advertising the event. Also, some of the Heritage student Commissioners could help in that as well. There was some further discussion on which grades should be invited. It was decided that it should stay with the sixth grade. A date for the event was then discussed. Commissioners felt that they should make flyers to be posted at the schools and ask teachers to also make announcements. Sign-ups should be given a dead-line so they know how many are actually signed up for the Activities Night. A date of January 19, 2007 was discussed, along with a possible time in either February or early March. Locations were discussed and whether to alternate from one school to another each year or utilize the Community Center or one of the gyms at Liberty High School. Discussion as to whether it should be held at a neutral location rather than one of the schools involved. Commissioner Hocking moved that the 2007 Activities Night be held at a neutral location, motion seconded by Chairperson Ordaz. Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Hocking still said that she had a problem with the date being too close to the holiday break. She felt they should have at least two weeks after the break to advertise and obtain sign-ups. A date of January 26 was then discussed rather than the 19th. Commissioner Strauss moved that the Sixth Grade Activities Night be scheduled for January 26, 2007. Commissioner Barnesmoore seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Hocking said that she was talking to the PAL Board Members at the social event and they really liked the Tour d’ Starbucks and they asked her to do another one in October. This was discussed among Mr. Burt and Officer Louwerens. Some thought this would really be a good fund-raiser. Mr. Burt reminded them of the many activities already scheduled for October and also the fact that Officer Louwerens had done a lot of preparatory work with the Starbucks prior to the last event. Mr. Burt thought it might be better in the first two weeks in November. Other Commissioners discussed this event. Officer Louwerens said it will have to be discussed with the Starbucks corporate office first, but felt it may be viable, but would need the backing and involvement with Starbucks. This will be discussed further at the October meeting.

Mr. Burt then also reminded the Commissioners of the Skate Park competition that was coming up this coming Saturday and urged them to tell their friends and get involved if they have an opportunity. Also there are a lot of prizes being awarded from various vendors and they would like to have more sign-ups.

Tour d’ Starbucks
Update on Activities Night
Update on Monster Mash
Update on Hometown Halloween
Update on Homecoming Parade
Forming subcommittee for Teen Forum
Review Marsh Creek Clean-up
Holiday social in December

Discussion of whether there will be a quorum at the October meeting, Mr. Burt asked for a show of hands and asked those not sure to call him in advance if they can’t make the meeting. This will be during the school break.

ADJOURNMENT: Chairperson Ordaz adjourned the meeting at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

City Administration
City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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