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Youth Commission Minutes July 5, 2006
Wednesday, July 5, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Chairperson Belinda Ordaz.

The roll was called by Secretary Barnesmoore. Commissioners present at roll call were Commissioners Belinda Ordaz, Christine Mendez, Stephanie James, Luke Barnesmoore, Sarah Simmons, and Mickell Escobar. Commissioners Matthew Strauss, Belen Sidhu, Brianna Swisher and Leah Hocking were absent at roll call. Subcommittee member Rachael Musumeci was present at roll call. Others present were Tom Burt, Recreation Supervisor; Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager; Adult Advisor Lt. James Martinez; and Officer Mark Louwerens. Adult Advisors Kiko Cejas and Julie Truesdell were not present at roll call.

Poldina Scherff was introduced by Mr. Burt. She spoke to the Commissioners regarding the Youth Forum which will be coming up in September and is on the agenda for this meeting as Item #7. She then discussed the inception of the Youth Commission approximately 6 years ago and some of the previous work done by the Commission. She discussed what they need to be planning for in the upcoming Youth Forum. She said that the Commissioners need to plan what ideas they want to bring up at the meeting in September, whether they want a teen center and also the kinds of concerns they have for their needs in the community. She also expressed that these ideas and concerns will need to address the concerns of all the youth in the community, not just the high achievers or scholars, but a complete cross-section of all the youth in the city. Commissioner Barnesmoore asked if there would be a mediator hired to facilitate the forum and Ms. Scherff said that there would be, and also the Commissioners would have a large part in the forum to see that the communication and direction are kept flowing. Each Commissioner will be assigned to a table at the forum.

Adult Advisor Julie Truesdell arrived at 7:15 p.m.

Mr. Burt said that he has addressed some ideas to be discussed later in the agenda regarding this Youth Forum. Commissioner Barnesmoore asked if they would be drawing from both the high schools and the middle schools. Ms. Scherff suggested that for the present they concentrate on high schools.

AGENDA REVIEW: No changes to the agenda.


1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on June 6, 2006 (T. Brinkman)
2. Update on Fiscal Status for ‘06/07 budget year. (L. Hocking)
Commissioner Escobar moved to accept the Consent Calendar, motion seconded by Commissioner Barnesmoore, motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burt commented since Commissioner Hocking was not present that they are now into the new fiscal year which commenced July 1, 2006 and now have a new budget of approximately $22,000 allocated to them by the City of Brentwood.


3. DISCUSSION ITEM The Youth Commission welcomes its new members James Martinez, Julie Truesdell, and Stephanie James. (K. Ceja)
Mr. Ceja was not present for this presentation of new members; therefore Mr. Burt introduced them and was very pleased to have the two new Adult Advisors. He feels they are dedicated to the Commission and have the time and desire to work with the Commissioners in their capacity.

He also explained that Chairperson Ordaz has moved up as Chairperson for the new year, as she had served as Vice-Chairperson the previous year. This year Commissioner Brinkman will serve as Vice Chairperson. At the next meeting Commissioners Barnesmoore and Hocking will be installed as the new Secretary and Treasurer. There will also be an opportunity for other Commissioners to vote on these positions. The new Commissioner, Stephanie James introduced herself and said that she will be a Senior at Liberty High School the upcoming school year.

Adult Advisor James Martinez introduced himself. He is a long time resident of the City and has been with the Brentwood Police Department for over 18 years and is looking forward to working with the Commissioners and being a good resource for them. Julie Truesdell, also a new Adult Advisor introduced herself and said that she is the Health Teacher at Edna Hill Middle School. She is quite new to the City, but has been looking for a way to become involved and is looking forward to being a part of the Commission as well.

4. ACTION ITEM Status of Cornfest ice delivery fundraiser on July 7-9 2006. (M. Strauss)
Mr. Burt presented this item and said that there will be no involvement of the Youth Commission in the Cornfest this year. They will have no participation at all. The Liberty High School Football Team will be delivering the ice this year for the Cornfest. No action required to be taken on this item.

5. ACTION ITEM National Teen Leadership Program. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt said that his feeling on this subject is that since it is now July and the first week of the new school year is the same time as the National Teen Leadership Program, they may wish to wait until the year 2007 to participate. They would be able to look ahead and plan for this program better in the following year. He also said there is money in the budget for this type of program and feels it will be a good thing to plan for the following year. Mr. Burt said it is staff’s recommendation that this item be put on the calendar for the year 2007 and bring the topic up in April or May of 2007 for discussion. Commissioner Escobar moved that the National Teen Leadership Program be moved up for discussion in April of 2007, motion seconded by Commissioner Mendez. Motion carried unanimously.

6. ACTION ITEM Reschedule date for “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” workshop. (L. Hocking)
Since Commissioner Hocking was not present, Mr. Burt discussed this item. He said that generally the Commission has two events the workshop for new commissioners and adult advisors and the social where community leaders are invited to attend. The social event is always scheduled to be held one hour prior to the regular Commission meeting and at the previous meeting it was decided to hold the social in September. Mr. Burt was not sure if the “Get to Know You Advisory Commission Workshop” will be held this year. The Commissioners now have to confirm that they do wish to hold the social event with local dignitaries in September and allocate funds to supply the refreshments. Mr. Burt will then take care of sending out the invitations. Commissioner Barnesmoore moved that $400 be set aside to cover the cost of refreshments for the social. Commissioner Simmons seconded the motion and motion carried unanimously.

7. ACTION ITEM All Commissioners discuss the ideas for the youth Forum in September 2006 (All Commissioners)
Mr. Burt then opened this up for discussion. Lt. Martinez had attended a similar meeting with the Youth Group in Oakley and described this meeting and how it was conducted for the Commission. He said this was set up as a break-out forum, with groups meeting in separate rooms and discussing different subjects. T-shirts were handed out with different motivational themes and there were representatives from as far away as Richmond. There were law enforcement representatives, as well as those from city councils, school boards, politicians, and others. There was a keynote speaker who was motivational. The break-out sessions each had knowledgeable speakers talking about their particular expertise in those communities. He suggested inviting some of the people from those other Commissions represented at this meeting from these other cities and organizations to talk to them about their meeting, what seemed to be working and what didn’t.

Mr. Burt said it will be held during school hours and probably at the Community Center and about 200 to 250 persons could be accommodated at this facility. Students attending would be excused from school by their teachers and the tentative plans call for it to be held from 9 a.m. to about 2:30 or 3 p.m. to allow them to return to the school for buses/rides etc. He also said the topics are the most important things to figure out at this time and he was looking for suggestions at this meeting for these topics. Suggestions that it just be Brentwood involved in the forum, but get ideas from other commissions and organizations. The role of the Commissioners was discussed, and Adult Advisors and Mr. Burt asked the Commissioners to give them the issues that they would like to see discussed at the forum. All agreed that the proposed teen center would not be the prime focus at the event. Commissioner Barnesmoore concluded that at this point they had decided that the forum would consist of just high school students from the City of Brentwood only. Adult Advisor Julie Truesdell suggested that heavier subjects should be later in the agenda, possibly start with subjects such as alcoholism, then move on to date rape and drugs, or divide people into separate groups for the various subjects. Commissioner Barnesmoore thought they should get all together to begin the forum and discuss the less heavy subjects to begin the discussions.

Mr. Burt said that the facilitator will be able to assist in getting people feeling comfortable with themselves and then move on to the difficult topics so that some real progress can be made in the teen forum and action plans presented to solve the issues. He said that at this time the Commissioners need to come up with what they want to see come out of this forum and set forth their ideas and issues to be addressed at this event. Commissioner Barnesmoore said they also need a plan to implement these plans after the forum. The police representatives said that the police chief will need a collective idea/s of what is requested of the department to alleviate these concerns and problems. Lt. Martinez described the types of problems that are dealt with on a daily basis in the local police department, such as mental health, sexual assault, and drugs. Mr. Burt said these issues are the ones that need to be brought back to the August meeting since they are what’s happening in this community.


Youth Forum
Getting to know the Youth Advisory Commission social

The new Subcommittee member of the Commission Rachael Musumeci was introduced by Mr. Burt and Commissioner Barnesmoore.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m. by Chairperson Ordaz.

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

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