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Youth Commission Minutes - June 7, 2006
Wednesday June 7, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
734 Third Street
Brentwood, CA 94513

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Chairperson Taylor Brinkman

The roll was called by Chairperson Brinkman. Commissioners present at roll call as follows; Commissioners Belinda Ordaz, Belen Sidhu, Christine Mendez, Brianna Swisher and Mickell Escobar. Commissioners Luke Barnesmoore, Sarah Simmons, Matthew Strauss and Leah Hocking were absent at roll call. Subcommittee Chris Walker was present at roll call. Others present were Tom Burt, Recreational Supervisor, Adult Advisor Kiko Ceja and Officer Mark Louwerens.

Tom Burt, Recreational Supervisor commented that since Commissioner Mendez was not feeling well and would like to leave early, that Item #9 be moved up from Scheduled matters to a Presentation, prior to the Consent Calendar. There were no objections to this proposal. No vote was taken or called for on this issue, but agreed to by general agreement among the Commissioners.

This was Item #9 on the agenda, entitled as a discussion item, “National Teen Leadership Program. Ms. Mendez passed out some material to all of the Commissioners on this event and there was also some printed information in each of the Commissioners packets on the subject. Commissioner Mendez presented this material to the Commissioners and said that this is a National Leadership Conference which will be held August 4-6, 2006 and is focused on all high school students from grades 9 through 12. The conference will be held in Sacramento. The conference is aimed to enhance strengths and effectiveness as a leader, assist in achieving greater scholastic & professional success, help teens in their growth as an individual, build their communications skills, assist teens in gaining an understanding of the community at large, and learn how to identify needs and create solutions and how to turn adversity into opportunity. Commissioner Mendez said it was open to all Commissioners who will be in the ninth through the twelfth grade in the upcoming year. One problem is that the conference will be held the same time as the first week of the new fall school season and one day of school would be missed by those attending. Mr. Burt explained that the Youth Commission would cover all expenses for those wishing to attend the conference. The conference will be held on the University campus of Sacramento State.

The Commissioners discussed the conference among themselves and the problem of missing one day of the first week of school. Mr. Burt asked the Commissioners if they would like to consider the material and have the item brought back to the July meeting for a decision. All Commissioners agreed to this idea. He suggest that at least three or four Commissioners attend if they do decide to go, the only Commissioner not eligible because of age requirements would be Commissioner Strauss.


1. Approval of minutes of Regular Meeting on May 3, 2006 (T. Brinkman)
2. Update on Fiscal Status for ‘06/07 budget year. (L. Hocking)
3. Accept Christine Mendez, Sarah Simmons, Luke Barnesmoore and Stephanie James as names to be recommended to City Council for appointment.
4. Accept notice of Downtown Brentwood 2010 Community Workshop. (P. Scherff)
Chairperson Brinkman asked for a motion to approve the Consent Calendar. Commissioner Ordaz asked to pull Item #3 from the consent calendar. Chairperson Brinkman then also requested pulling Item #4.

3. Accept Christine Mendez, Sarah Simmons, Luke Barnesmoore and Stephanie James as names to be recommended to City Council for appointment. (T. Burt)
Commissioner Ordaz asked when and where the interviews were held on the new Commissioners and how did they go? Chairperson Brinkman said he and Commissioner Barnesmoore interviewed the four applicants. He said the successful applicant, Stephanie James is in the 11th grade at Liberty High School, and will be a senior next year. He felt she was well qualified, she has done volunteer work in her former community of Modesto. She also was highly qualified academically.

4. Accept notice of Downtown Brentwood 2010 Community Workshop. (P. Scherff)
Mr. Burt said that a flyer regarding item number four was in the Commissioner’s packets and is an invitation to attend a workshop to be held June 22 at 6:30 PM in the Community Center in Brentwood. The City of Brentwood is seeking input regarding plans for new facilities being planned for the city. Some of these include a new city hall, revamping of city park, a new library and community center, a new senior/teen center, cultural arts center, eBart and downtown parking structure/s. He explained some of the plans that will be discussed in this workshop, one of special importance to the Youth Commission is a new teen center. Mr. Craig Bronzan, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department has requested that Mr. Burt to have at least two or three of the Commissioners attend on behalf of the Youth Commission. Chairperson Brinkman said that if he can get off work he would be happy to attend. Motion by Chairperson Brinkman to approve the Consent Calendar, seconded by Commissioner Ordaz, motion carried unanimously.

At this point Mr. Burt moved Item #10 on the Scheduled Matters up to # 5.

5. ACTION ITEM “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” workshop. (L. Hocking)
In the absence of Commissioner Hocking, Mr. Burt discussed the item which was to set the date of the “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” was set for August 3, one hour prior to the regular meeting. Discussion of whether to hold this at that time in August or choose another month which might achieve a better attendance since that will be the first week of school. ( The date should be August 2, not 3, since that is a Thursday and not a regular meeting date for the Youth Commission.) Mr. Burt explained that the public is invited to this workshop, especially mentioning school teachers and officials, city officials and other interested parties. Youth Commissioners do give a brief report of their activities to those attending at this meeting. He explained that the Commissioners need to decide when to hold the event and what funds would be set aside to pay for the refreshments. Mr. Burt will purchase these and also send out the invitations. Discussion of the amount and what would be purchased and the date it will be held. Commissioner Ordaz moved that the “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” be held September 6 at 6:00 to 7:00 PM . Motion seconded by Commissioner Escobar. Chairperson Brinkman then amended the motion to allow $500 to be set aside for expenses for the event. Commissioner Sidhu seconded the amended motion, motion carried unanimously.

6. DISCUSSION ITEM Upcoming schedule of events. (T. Burt)
Mr. Burt briefly discussed the upcoming events to remind the Commissioners of them. Some of them are the attending City Council meetings, the workshop and greeting new members at the Harvest Park Bowl. He said he will need to discuss the week of June 26-30 at this time and set a specific date. There was some discussion of the date and time. A tentative date of June 26, 2006, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM was decided upon. Mr. Burt will check this out and notify the Commissioners when a final date is set. He also told the Commissioners to be aware that he will be contacting them via phone calls as they say goodbye to old Commissioners and welcome new ones, City Council meetings that they may be asked to attend. Also, Cornfest is coming up and there will be calls regarding this as well.

7. DISCUSSION ITEM Cornfest ice delivery fund-raiser on July 7-9 2006. (M. Louwerens)
Chairperson Brinkman introduced the item and Mr. Burt turned the discussion over to Officer Louwerens who discussed how the ice deliveries would be made this year. Officer Louwerens reported that the PAL Board decided at a recent meeting that the PAL would not be involved in the ice delivery at the Cornfest this year. Therefore, all funds received from this event, if the Youth Commission decided to take it on again this year will remain with them. Some of the Commissioners discussed last year’s deliveries and some of the problems encountered. Commissioner Belen asked if friends who wanted to do community service could be invited to help, as well as others in the community and she was advised by Officer Louwerens that would be fine. She will contact these people and they can call Mr. Burt and give him their names, phone numbers and when they would be available to work. Officer Louwerens will not be present this year, however, there will be adults there to assist. Parents or the new Adult Advisers could be present. They will need a ladder to reach up to the truck for the ice as hay bales will not be allowed this year. After some further discussion, it was decided to consider the options and bring the subject back for final decision at the July meeting. Officer Louwerens also said that golf carts will not be allowed this year, but pull carts can be used. Golf carts were too hard to maneuver in the crowds. Commissioners did not feel this would be too much of a problem. Final plans will be confirmed at the July meeting.

8. DISCUSSION ITEM Review Tour de Starbucks of May 20, 2006. (M. Louwerens)
Chairperson Brinkman said it went well, he said they got 162.5 volunteer hours, 65 people volunteered, and there were 55 riders. They raised the $1,000, plus $400 from the poker run. Next year they hope to promote earlier in advance of the event. Mr. Burt, Officer Louwerens and Adult Advisor Ceja all thought it a very successful event and definitely plan to do this again next year. It was also a lot of fun for all.

9. DISCUSSION ITEM Skate competition date and design. (M. Escobar/J. Altman)
Mr. Jeff Altman, of Brentwood and member of the PAL Board spoke to the Commissioners about this competition which is planned for September 9, 2006. Deadline for registration is August 25, 2006. Several different levels of competition are planned. Posters describing the skate competition were passed out to the Commissioners. Mr. Altman said that this is a fund-raiser for PAL and they are asking for help and input from the commission. He gave details of what is planned up to this time as far as who will participate, requests for sponsors through letters that are going out at this time. The PAL Board is also planning to hold a concert and possibly a wrestling tournament at later times. What he was focusing on at this meeting was the skate competition and need to raise money through this event for the PAL “After the Bell” program. This will be named the “First Annual Skate Competition” as the hope is to make this an annual event that will grow every year. Corporate sponsorships will start at $150 and up to $2,000 and banners will be displayed at the skate park for the sponsors. Mr. Altman said they have already received some sponsor funds and are hoping to bring in prizes from local sponsors as well. He was asking the Commissioners for help in publicizing the competition and helping to get sponsors. Eventually, he would hope they could raise enough money so that they could contribute to the Youth Commission’s scholarship fund.

Mr. Altman said they hope to have some professional skaters and teams from Brentwood. There will be food booths and vendors also at the competition. They do hope to have an exhibition if time allows. There will be a DJ to provide music as well. There was some further discussion and questions from the Commissioners. The Commissioners felt this a good idea and felt that they would be willing to help. This will be brought back to the July meeting as an action item.

10. ACTION ITEM “Get to know the Youth Advisory Commission” workshop. (L. Hocking)
This item had already been completed as Item 5.

11. DISCUSSION ITEM Review of Take Back the Night event of May 19, 2006. (B. Ordaz)
Commissioner Ordaz said the event went quite well in spite of some rain, and that they had approximately 30 people in attendance. This was about the same as the previous year. For the next year they are planning a march downtown and also to hold a vigil. They would hope to have a larger crowd and more participation from the Commission. Commissioner Ordaz said it was a very moving event with two very eloquent speakers. She said this is a very serious problem and that violence in one form or another touches one out of every five people you know. Officer Louwerens suggested talking to some of the local shelter people. Chairperson Brinkman said he was sure they would want to do this again next year.

12. DISCUSSION ITEM Thoughts regarding the Youth Forum in September 2006. (T. Brinkman)
Mr. Burt requested tabling this item until the next regular meeting in July. Commissioners agreed that this would be a good idea.

13. DISCUSSION ITEM Final 05/06 Youth Commission Year in Review. (All Commissioners)
Chairperson Brinkman congratulated Commissioner Sidhu and wished her good luck in college, she will be going to Fresno. Chairperson Brinkman said he felt the year went well in spite of no applicants for the scholarship fund, and the Job Faire was not held. Mr. Burt commented that they had done other substantial things, such as the Tour de Starbucks, the activities night and two successful ski trips and the participation in the Marsh Creek Clean up. He also noted the Homecoming experience was better than those in the past. He felt it was a very successful year overall. He also commented that this is Commissioner Brinkman’s last meeting as Chairperson. He will be succeeded by Commissioner Ordaz who is now Vice Chairperson. Commissioner Sidhu thanked everyone for being able to participate in the Commission. She will try and attend the next meeting and the bowling event, she will also try and assist in the Cornfest.

No Commissioner comments.

National Leadership Conference
Cornfest finalization
Skate event update
Harvest Bowl meeting/introduction new Commissioner and advisors

Mr. Burt said he wanted to recognize Subcommittee member Chris Walker, he has been a very faithful subcommittee member, participating in everything but voting and did come in second in the voting for the new Commission vacancy. He wanted to commend him and hopes that he will apply again next year. He will be a seventh grader and has lots of opportunity to become a Commissioner later. He was recognized by a round of applause.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m. by Chairperson Brinkman

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Whincup, Minutes Recorder

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City of Brentwood Youth Commission
35 Oak Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
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